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  1. How To Stay Afloat In Your Infinite Stream Of Photos : NPR

    In an age of smartphones, it’s easy to take an overwhelming number of photos. NPR’s picture editor, Kainaz Amaria, has some tips for creating a bounty of images without driving yourself crazy.


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  2. Take Photos To Remember Your Experiences? Think Again : NPR

    Audie Cornish talks to psychologist Linda Henkel about whether photos impair memory in a series that explores the relationship between human memory and photography in the age of smartphone cameras.

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  3. Circuitous Conversations #55 – “Plug-ins”

    This week, Bill and Dan dicuss plug-ins for both audio and photo. Conversation slides into a history of computers and audio, but that’s nothing new for us.

    Mick Guzauski Waves Plug-ins SPL De-Verb Pro Tools MOTU Gadget Labs Audio Interfaces Opcode vision & OMS DrumKat Roland SPD-S Roland Octapad Yamaha DTX Multi 12 MIDI Propellerheads (Recycle, Reason, Rebirth) Nik Silver Efex Pro Alien Skin Exposure

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  4. Circuitous Conversations #30

    For those of you who don’t know, Dan Gottesman and I do a weekly podcast called Circuitous Conversations which you might enjoy. We’ve moved around a lot of subjects including cameras, computers, usenet, cancer, risk, collecting, etc. Basically an hour of us discussing, reminiscing, and sometimes butting heads. It’s currently up to episode 30, so it’s a good time to catch up if you’re into such things. Anyway, in this most recent episode we discuss my thoughts on my new iPad as well as list a bunch of our favorite things. And so below are some links for reference. So go subscribe, it’s good fun.

    Show Notes—————————————————– We both love Dropbox. Run, don’t walk to sign up for your free space. Bill’s headphones: Etymotic HF5 Dan’s headphones: Shure SE420 (replaced by SE425) Bill’s computer speakers: Event Tuned Reference 6 (No longer available) Dan’s computer speakers: Yamaha MSP5 Bill’s light modifiers: Photek Softlighters (all 3 sizes) Dan’s useful items: Manfroto Magic Arm (at B&H), Super Clamp, Spring Clamp

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  5. The Candid Frame #116 - William George Wadman

    William George Wadman is an editorial portrait photographer whose work regularly appears in TIME magazine, BusinessWeek, The New York Times, and La Monde to name just a few. His approach was developed by a personal 365 Project in which he created a portrait a day for a year, which he posted on his blog, which eventually drew much attention and helped create a presence for him as an up and coming photographer. Whether photographing the famous or the not-so-famous, he brings a straight-forward and interesting approach to images of people. You can discover more about Bill and his work by visiting his website or his blog. He also produces a podcast, Circuitous Conversations with Bill and Dan.

    Bill Wadman recommends the work Sylvia Plachy.


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