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  1. What is TypeScript and why with Anders Hejlsberg on the Hanselminutes Technology Podcast: Fresh Air for Developers

    The Hanselminutes Podcast by Scott Hanselman

    A new language has been released that turns into JavaScript. It's TypeScript and we've got Anders Hejlsberg himself to explain it to us. Why TypeScript and why now? What problem does it solve and what does it mean to large scale development efforts. What about .NET?

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  2. .NET Rocks! 1080 Programming in Elixir with Bryan Hunter

    While at NDC London, Carl and Richard talked with Bryan Hunter about the language Elixir. Bryan tells the story of how the folks behind Ruby got interested in Erlang, thinking to bring some of Erlang's features to other languages - but then discovered it was impossible, since Erlang is its own operating system. So instead, they created a new language within Erlang, and that is Elixir. Taking the favorite features of many languages including Ruby, C#, F# and others, Elixir makes for a pleasant programming experience while still having the power of Erlang behind you. Check it out!

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  3. Episode 023: Apple Pay | Exponent

    In this week’s episode Ben and James discuss Apple Pay and its impact on retailers and banks.


    Glenn Fleishman: A Week of Apple Pay: Chips, PINs, and…signatures? – Six Colors

    Ben Thompson: The Problem with Payments – Stratechery

    Ben Thompson: Why Apple Pay was Blocked, Why Apple Pay Will Succeed – Stratechery

    Josh Constine: CurrentC is the Big Retailers’ Clunky Attempt to Kill Apple Pay and Credit Card Fees – TechCrunch

    Charles Duhigg: How Companies Learn Your Secrets – New York Times

    Ben Thompson: Publishers and the Smiling Curve – Stratechery


    Ben Thompson, @monkbent, Stratechery

    James Allworth, @jamesallworth, Harvard Business Review

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  4. The Secret Recordings of Carmen Segarra | This American Life

    An unprecedented look inside one of the most powerful, secretive institutions in the country. The NY Federal Reserve is supposed to monitor big banks. But when Carmen Segarra was hired, what she witnessed inside the Fed was so alarming that she got a tiny recorder and started secretly taping.

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