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  1. #33 A Fireside Chat with Venkatesh Rao — ZION 2.0 with Collin Morris

    Today my guest is Venkatesh Rao.

    Venkat is a writer and independent management consultant focusing mainly on the “challenges at the intersection of technology, strategy, and organizational development, at midsized or large companies.”

    You can find Venkat’s writing on


    Breaking Smart

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  2. MetaLearn: ML121: Venkatesh Rao on Leveraging the Power of Dialectic and Lessons from the Creative Process

    Venkatesh Rao is an author, consultant and the founder of the hugely popular blogs Ribbon Farm and Breaking Smart. Ribbonfarm is a multidisciplinary blog focused on strategy and decision-making, while Breaking Smart is devoted to in-depth explorations of the emerging digital economy.

    Venkat is also the author of the highly acclaimed book on decision-making, Tempo, and offers consulting services in organisational development, strategy and executive coaching, working with a number of prestigious clients like famed VC firm Andreesen Horowitz. In this episode we discuss:  - Venkat’s lessons about the creative process from years of writing on his two blogs - The conditions needed to generate insight from conversation and how Venkat works with the likes of Marc Andreesen from Andreesen Horowitz - Why dialectic is the driving force of any good relationship and a healthy society  

    This conversation was a lot of fun to record and it was great to chat to Venkat while he was visiting here in London! Whether you want to have more insightful conversations or know what it takes to run a hugely popular blog, this episode has you covered.

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  3. Venkatesh Rao TKP

    Venkatesh RaoOn this episode of The Knowledge Project, I have Venkatesh Rao.

    Chris Dixon, a previous guest on the show, suggested I interview Venkatesh, who is a writer, independent researcher and consultant.

    Venkatesh is the founder of the blog Ribbonfarm, the technology analysis site Breaking Smart, and the author of a book on decision making called Tempo.

    We talk about a host of fascinating subjects, including the 3 types of decision makers, mental models, the implications of the free age and economy, and how to process information. I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as I did.


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    Show Notes


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    Books Mentioned

    Tempo: timing, tactics and strategy in narrative-driven decision-making

    Strategy and Structure: Chapters in the History of the Industrial Enterprise

    The Visible Hand: The Managerial Revolution in American Business

    Images of Organization

    Finite and Infinite Games

    The Little Prince

    Catcher in the Rye

    Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

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