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  1. (FREE) Nina Hartley Discovers the Alpha in Beta Boys | The Manwhore Podcast on Patreon

    Official Post from The Manwhore Podcast: Nina Hartley is a porn legend. She's also a renowned sex educator and activist. Growing up with a beta father and a masculine mother helped Nina realize that the gender roles are needed…they just don't need to be gendered. Plus: she offers me a handjob.'Follow' this page for an extra bonus episode

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  2. (FREE BONUS) Is Billy a sex addict??? | The Manwhore Podcast on Patreon

    Official Post from The Manwhore Podcast: You probably haven't heard a Manwhore Podcast bonus episode before. Here is the second half of my recording with comedian and dear friend Andrea Allan. She asks me 40 questions from Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous (SLAA) to determine if I am, in fact, addicted to sex and love!Enticed? Want access to

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  3. (FREE) Billy’s Asexual High School Teacher! | The Manwhore Podcast on Patreon

    Official Post from The Manwhore Podcast: Laura, or Ms. D as she was called, has been in my life for over a decade. She met me as a terrified 14-year-old boy and has witnessed me grow into a man. She's also a newly-discovered asexual and we discuss how that impacts her otherwise loving marriage.'Follow' this page for an extra bonus episode

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  4. (FREE) How To Throw A Sex Party and Hacienda Origins with Andrew Sparksfire | The Manwhore Podcast on Patreon

    Official Post from The Manwhore Podcast: Founder of Hacienda Andrew Sparksfire!This is a recording from the spring of 2017 when I was gathering voices for a How To Throw A Sex Party episode. It was never completed, but this is the last of the audio from that venture. So do take into account that some practices and policies may be out-of-da

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  5. (FREE) Pitching Problematic Procida with Melissa Vitale PR | The Manwhore Podcast on Patreon

    Official Post from The Manwhore Podcast: My former publicist shares the strengths and challenges of having yours truly as a client. Not sure what the drama is about? Search 'Billy Procida Ella Dawson' and have a DAY.'Follow' this Patreon page for a FREE bonus episode every month!

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  6. Start Me Up: Kate Kelly Talks About The Equal Rights Amendment | Kimberley Johnson & Steph Walton on Patreon

    Official Post from Kimberley Johnson & Steph Walton: Kate Kelly is a human rights attorney at Equality Now and has actively worked on ERA ratification at the state and national level since 2012. She attended the Equal Rights Amendment hearing yesterday — the first ERA hearing in 36 years! We discussed the history of the ERA as well as who would be pro

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  7. The Evil HR Lady! by The Working Experience • A podcast on Anchor

    John chats with Suzanne Lucas, the infamous Evil HR Lady from Switzerland!  Suzanne spent over a decade in HR at a multinational pharmaceutical company and is now an author and speaker covering the world of HR! She shares some great HR stories as well as major HR challenges dealing with the rank and file!  Enjoy!

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  8. A Podcast About Terrible Books, Movies, and TV

    TextSponsorships 12/29/14

    When we first opened up the door to sponsorships, we weren’t really expecting anybody to want to pay to inflict their favorite personal torture on us. We were pretty sure we couldn’t get $30/episode from anybody. We underestimated your desire to inflict pain. We also thought that if people did pay us, they’d be disappointed in the result (hence our motto “No refunds”).

    The demand since day one has been shocking and has only gotten stronger. Each time we sell out of inventory, we get a bunch of disappointed emails/tweets/FB comments saying “Aw, I was driving and I missed it” or “I’m in Australia and it was the middle of the night here” or “How would you like to impress your woman with an extra four to six inches?” While it’s nice to know, we don’t want anybody to feel like they didn’t have a fair chance just because of their commuting schedule or weird nation of origin or penis size. We want everybody who’s interested in being part of the show to have that option. So we’ve been trying to come up with a better way.

    Our dream is to have a system where people can group sponsor episodes on a rolling basis, almost like a Kickstarter, where people can contribute small amounts of money to a topic. So we’re not reading the third 50 Shades book unless we get $1,000, right? It’d be nice if there was a way people could say “I’ll put $5 toward that” for that our any other topic. We also want everybody to have an equal shot of sponsoring.

    For our next round in January, what we’ve settled on is this. We’ll still have a limited number available on a first-come first-served basis. But instead of it being a random time announced moments before, it’ll be at a pre-set release time like concert tickets. Hopefully that’ll give you enough notice to park your car or set your Australian alarm (sadly we can’t fix timezones). The only place we’re going to publish the time is on our email list so make sure you’re signed up.

    And also, we want your ideas! How should we structure sponsorships so they’re more fair? Let us know in the comments or send us an email and feel free to tell us how to impress her with four extra inches!.!/episode.php/escape-from-new-york

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