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  1. Pterocast, episodio #12. Dr. Kim TallBear: «Settler colonialism doesn’t only hurt indigenous peoples.» – Pterodáctilo

    In this interview, conducted by Monserrat Madariaga, Dr. Kim TallBear talks about new avenues for critical and creative academic research, how polyamory can help deconstruct compulsory monogamy in settler-colonial states. She also discussed the ideas of indigenous belonging, questioned the assumptions of ancestry in DNA tests and much more.«Dr. Kim TallBear is author of «Native American DNA: Tribal Belonging and the False Promise of Genetic Science» (2013) and is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Native Studies, University of Alberta. She studies the racial politics of “gene talk” in science and popular culture. A former environmental planner, she has become interested in the similarities between Western constructions of «nature» and «sexuality” as they are defined and sanctioned historically by those in power. TallBear is interested in how sex and nature can be understood differently in indigenous worldviews». (…tallbear-dauphine)You can find more about her work at kimtallbear.comFind more of our podcast episodes on Spotify, Google podcast and Apple Podcast

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  2. Episode 73: When Two Podcasters Bang in Vegas…

    Episode 73 of the sexy swinger and hotwife podcast, Front Porch Swingers, is the second installment of our time in Vegas! We talk about the ASN Lifestyle Magazine Awards (spoiler alert, we won our category!!) Then, Brenna details some naughty time with

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  3. Episode 72: What Happens At a Porn Convention….

    Episode 72 of the sexy swinger and hotwife podcast, Front Porch Swingers, details the first half of our recent trip to Vegas! We attended the AVN and ANE Conventions (porn and sex toys) at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas as members of the press. We share

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  4. What can the culture of Singapore tell us about the future? - Visakan Veerasamy - Podcast Episode Links - Plink

    Podcast Episode smart links to listen to Crazy Wisdom. Click to listen, free! We talk all things culture and how culture spreads from place to place. We talk about how burning man culture is changing the culture of Singapore. We also talk about the differences and similarities between the culture of Silicon Valley (where I grew… Podcast links by Plink.

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  5. Podcast Interview: Eve Rickert, Co-Founder of Thorntree Press, Co-Author of “More Than Two” – Loving Without Boundaries

    Cheers Sexy People!

    I am thrilled to share my latest podcast interview that I recently released with Eve Rickert, co-author of the books “More Than Two: A Practical Guide to Ethical Polyamory” and “Black Iron”, and the co-founder and publisher of Thorntree Press. I have been aware of Eve’s work for years and we had even spoken over email through the years regarding the work of Thorntree Press. I was delighted to finally meet Eve in person at this past year’s Southwest Love Fest, which was a truly amazing conference. We had a lovely conversation by the pool that weekend that I will never forget. I am honored and so happy that she said “yes” that day to coming on the Loving Without Boundaries podcast and creating a powerful show with me. Eve vulnerably shares so much of herself and her oftentimes challenging journey through consensual non-monogamy in this candid interview. The show was recorded in late May of this year. In the interview, Eve shares that she had been unable to read “More Than Two” because it felt very triggering for her. Since then, she has opened the pages of that epic book, and she shares about this experience in the below blog post on her website:

    Thoughts On The Fifth Anniversary of “More Than Two”

    Eve, I am honored that you elected to share your thoughts, insights, experiences, and wisdom with us here in this interview. Many of us are healing from various forms of trauma in our lives (myself included). This episode I’m sure will help many folks feel less alone on their journey. Much love and light to you, Eve!

    Some topics we discuss in this educational, informative, and fascinating interview:

    — We discuss the book “More Than Two” from multiple angles. During that conversation, Eve shares how if multiple people are reading the book, if there is a disparity in empathy between the people, the one with more empathy may end up doing more emotional labor and/or the book can be used as a weapon against them. What an interesting yet scary thought!

    — Eve shares how enlightening a book she read was: “Practice and All Is Coming: Abuse, Cult Dynamics, and Healing in Yoga and Beyond”— Eve shares about what section of the “More Than Two” book she would take out if she could, and why. Super enlightening! I won’t do a spoiler here as it is more powerful to hear Eve’s own words. — Another book and author that Eve shares is “Turn This World Inside Out: The Emergence of Nurturance Culture” by Nora Samaran and how some of what she learned from this work makes her question her re-doing aspects of the Relationship Bill of Rights. She ties it back to attachment theory and other powerful comments, including Jessica Fern’s work.— We touch on potential abuse in polyamorous relationships, including gaslighting and triangulation. Working towards healthy relationships is incredibly important to me and a passion of mine, for myself and my clients. To that end, I’d like to share this great blog post of resources that Eve compiled on her website. Please reference it as needed if you ever need help or clarification: Resources on Abuse in Polyamorous Relationships.

    — Tune in to listen to this illuminating podcast episode!

    Thank you Eve, for being so awesomely generous with your time, for your tireless work in the consensually non-monogamous space with Thorntree Press, and for sharing your wisdom and insights with us via the podcast interview! It was enlightening, deeply informative, and such powerful and vulnerable sharing! Follow her work at and her personal blog at

    To hear the podcast, go to the Podcast link here and subscribe to the Loving Without Boundaries podcast, then check out Episode 125 with Eve. Also, please help spread awareness of alternative lifestyles and create more tolerance for consensual non-monogamy in the world at large by Rating and Reviewing the Loving Without Boundaries podcast in iTunes. It only takes a few minutes.

    If you would like to be interviewed either in written form or via audio on the podcast, please feel free to contact me and we will set something up. Thank you!



    I recently have had the honor of being featured on three other podcasts:

    Curios Fox Podcast – Episode 4 on Metamours (Your Lover’s Lover) – which was recorded live in Brooklyn, NYSeek, Discover, Create with Lexi SylverCore Confidence Life with Dennis SumlinWith PolyAnna, Episode 7 – which was recorded live at Southwest Love Fest 2019, which was attended by Marla!

    Check them out! We talk about all things jealousy, consensual non-monogamy, and living an alternative lifestyle while maintaining healthy relationships. Tune in to find out more!

    EXCLUSIVE CONTENT OFFER – We continue to have some exciting goings on here at Loving Without Boundaries (LWB). We now have exclusive content for you via the LWB podcast and my Patreon page for those who choose to become a patron. Please visit the link to check out how you can come join the party over at Patreon! Want to hear more from our amazing interviewees? You got it! Want to dig deeper into the community and your fellow poly folk? Right on, let’s do it! Want monthly “Hangouts” with yours truly and other patrons? Cool! Let’s do it! It’s all there! Come join us, and enjoy exclusive content made just for you, our patrons of this work!

    NOTE: Monthly group “hangout” and coaching calls for all of our podcast patrons at any level are under way. If you are supporting the podcast, I am supporting you on your journey. Come join us and meet like-minded folks on the same journey you are!


    Free LWB Facebook Group for Healthy, Sex Positive, Open Relationships — Ready to explore healthy, deeply connected (and virtually jealousy-free) open relationships? It’s all possible – especially when surrounded by a community of people already doing it. Many in newly open relationships experience roller coaster emotions of jealousy, insecurity, and feel alone on their journey. That’s why I created this free Facebook group where people are coming together to share actionable tips for succeeding in multiple loving relationships, explore deeper love, and find mutual understanding and support. There’s an abundance of rock star information posted in the group daily by our amazing members. We create a safe place to engage that’s fun and thrilling! Click here and request to join our free group!


    See you on the flip side, lovely community! Keep being brave, compassionately vulnerable, and uniquely and authentically you!

    Wishing you peace, love and happiness

    (and thrilling, fun sex too!)


    Need more specific help aligning your relationships with who you are?

    Are you feeling a little lost, challenged, or uninspired in your relationships and would love some guidance on your journey?

    Our Free Breakthrough Session Call is a great place to start your path of discovery, so you can have more loving and intimate relationships that inspire you! And our “Discover Your Path to Fulfillment in Open Relationships” coaching packages are a deeper-dive into the topic of self-discovery with alternative relationships, with a one-on-one guide to achieve maximum results in your life. Whether you’re already non-monogamous, involved with someone who is, or “poly-curious” and wondering if non-monogamy might be right for you, I work with people struggling with every aspect of multiple intimate relationships.


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  6. The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest : Ep. 244: Fluid Bonding, Sobriety, and Dating a Cheater with Rebecca Rush

    Rebecca Rush is going to be sober. Eventually. For real. Rebecca dives into toxic relationships and sobriety as she works toward a more positive future. She thinks the term ‘fluid bonded’ is weird, but we don’t fault her for it. Hear us recap on an all-new Manwhore Podcast! PLUS: pregnant, casual relationships, toxic relationships, condoms, and change! Follow Rebecca Rush! Twitter: @RebeccaRush639 Comic’s Book Club Hear me on the

    Social Villains podcast!Snag yourself some manwhore perch! Become a member of my fanwhore community on Patreon for access to bonus episodes and private sex-positive discussion groups. Click here to join for $1! Use promo code MANWHORE to get a 40-minute FREE TRIAL of ethical paid-for porn viewing at Blue Chew gives you that extra confidence to have all-night fun

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  7. Two Date Minimum: Ep. 24: Viewers Like You with Sarah Garner

    Comedian Sarah Garner joins Woody and Madelein to discuss her show

    Not A Therapist at The Stand in NYC, NPR, Madelein's teeth and comedy needs, (link as promised to her GOFUNDME) doing shows for virginal jewish bachelorettes and MUCH MORE! Join our fb group Check out our Patreon for weekly bonus episodes and so much more! Rate us 5 stars in Apple Podcasts for a shout-out in a future episode! Join our discussion group to connect with cool Daddies and follow us on Twitter and Instagram. Have big laughs and great dates this week!

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  8. Two Date Minimum: Ep. 23: Dick Barreling In with Billy Procida - Part 2

    NYC comedian Billy Procida joins Woody and Madelein in a part two to further discuss polyamory, how weird it is or isn't to fuck next to a friend, and the proper distance to be away from someone when you masturbate. Check out our Patreon for weekly bonus episodes and so much more! Rate us 5 stars in Apple Podcasts for a shout-out in a future episode! Join our discussion group to connect with cool Daddies and follow us on Twitter and Instagram. Have big laughs and great dates this week!

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  9. Two Date Minimum: Ep. 22: The Love Conversation with Billy Procida - Part 1

    NYC comedian Billy Procida joins Woody and Madelein to discuss polyamory. Check out our Patreon for weekly bonus episodes and so much more! Rate us 5 stars in Apple Podcasts for a shout-out in a future episode! Join our discussion group to connect with cool Daddies and follow us on Twitter and Instagram. Have big laughs and great dates this week!

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