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  1. OTOS004 - Naked Mormonism - On the Other Side Podcast

    In this episode we have a great conversation with Bryce Blankenagel. Bryce will discuss some of the troubling aspects of Mormonism, past and present.

    Bryce grew up in the LDS faith and transitioned out during his teenage years. He finds it more fascinating now that he’s on the other side. Bryce is the host of the podcast “Naked Mormonism” and co-host of the “My Book of Mormon” podcast. He is one of the best millennial church history reporters and an absolute treat to our community!

    Additional episode links and podcasts mentioned in this show:

    Smith-Entheogen theory

    Bryce facilitated a session at the Sunstone Symposium 2018 – to listen go to session 323 and download below.

    2018 Digital Attendees Content

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  2. Legends Of The Hidden Temple Endowment Ceremony with Daniel Johnson | CB114 | Chris Brake Show Podcast

    Mormon High Priest Daniel Johnson wasn't pleased with us sharing the hidden camera footage of LDS Temple rituals in CB107, so Daniel's back to explain why the hidden Mormon Temple rituals aren't really weird at all. Or are they? You be the judge. We talk with Mormon High Priest Daniel Johnson about baptizing for the…

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  3. Latter Day Saints High Priest Daniel Johnson | CB107 | Chris Brake Show Podcast

    Chris is an Atheist. John is a Christian. And Daniel Johnson is a High Priest at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons). So a Mormon, an Atheist, and a Christian walk into a podcast… Author and Latter Day Saints High Priest Daniel Johnson asked to come on the show to clear…

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  4. 271: Speaking with Loved Ones about Faith Differences | Mormon Matters

    In this episode, co-released with Mormon Stories, Wendy Williams Montgomery, John Dehlin, and Dan Wotherspoon speak about the difficult dynamics at play in…

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