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  1. Samantha Field: Re-Reading Ruth — Crystal Cheatham

    This episode is sponsored by Faith in Public Life. Please sign the Faith in Public Life petition to end gun violence.

    Samantha Field grew up in a Christian fundamentalist cult, but escaped as a young adult. Now, she writes about being a bisexual woman and abuse survivor, exploring intersectional feminism and liberation theology. Her devotional “Re-Reading Ruth” has been featured in Our Bible App. This 5-day devotional explores the book of Ruth through several different ways, taking a closer look at what it says about women, story and myth, immigrants and refugees, and systematic oppression.Our friends at Faith in Public Life are circulating a petition to push Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and every Senator to act on gun violence and end mass shootings. Senators must act now to free us from fear: Our family, friends and neighbors shouldn’t have to live in danger. Sign the petition.

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  2. OTOS004 - Naked Mormonism - On the Other Side Podcast

    In this episode we have a great conversation with Bryce Blankenagel. Bryce will discuss some of the troubling aspects of Mormonism, past and present.

    Bryce grew up in the LDS faith and transitioned out during his teenage years. He finds it more fascinating now that he’s on the other side. Bryce is the host of the podcast “Naked Mormonism” and co-host of the “My Book of Mormon” podcast. He is one of the best millennial church history reporters and an absolute treat to our community!

    Additional episode links and podcasts mentioned in this show:

    Smith-Entheogen theory

    Bryce facilitated a session at the Sunstone Symposium 2018 – to listen go to session 323 and download below.

    2018 Digital Attendees Content

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  3. #MormonMeToo Part 2: The Church Responds — MOSAIC

    In the previous episode of this series, McKenna Denson shared her

    experience recording a conversation with her former Missionary Training

    Center president, Joseph Bishop, in which he can be heard admitting to

    sexual misconduct with multiple women while he was a leader in The Church

    of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. On the recording, she confronts him

    with the allegation that he raped her while she was a Mormon missionary in

    1984, an allegation he denies.

    In this part of the series, the spiritual dimension of this story begins to


    How has the church responded to emerging facts — both "the church" as a

    collection of individual believers, as well as the corporate institution

    based in Salt Lake City?

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  4. Troubling the Church by Repudiating Polygamy: Kirk and Lindsay van Allen | A Thoughtful Faith

    I speak with Kirk first, and then Lindsay about what lead them to delve into polygamy as a doctrinal proposition, and what ultimately lead them to outright

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  5. 271: Speaking with Loved Ones about Faith Differences | Mormon Matters

    In this episode, co-released with Mormon Stories, Wendy Williams Montgomery, John Dehlin, and Dan Wotherspoon speak about the difficult dynamics at play in…

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