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  1. Latter-Day Lesbian - 56: Ordinary Equality, Talking ERA with Kate Kelly

    Hey everybody, we're super excited about this week's interview with ex-Mormon activist and all around badass, Kate Kelly! We hear all about what she's been up to, and she wasn't afraid to tackle the tough questions we threw at her, like, "So Kate, is it true ya like the ladies?" We learned so much, and laughed of course…ya know, the usual. Also, want to express a heartfelt congratulations to the state of Virginia for finally getting their shit together! Join us, won't you?

    Kate's references in this show:, author Sonia Johnson: "From Housewife to Heretic", Kate's article: "The ERA is Queer", and of course her new podcast: Ordinary Equality (available wherever you listen to podcasts).

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