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  1. What can the culture of Singapore tell us about the future? - Visakan Veerasamy - Podcast Episode Links - Plink

    Podcast Episode smart links to listen to Crazy Wisdom. Click to listen, free! We talk all things culture and how culture spreads from place to place. We talk about how burning man culture is changing the culture of Singapore. We also talk about the differences and similarities between the culture of Silicon Valley (where I grew… Podcast links by Plink.

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  2. PlayPlaying

    Listen to Turn This World Inside Out: The Opposite Of Rape Culture Is Nurturance Culture W/ Nora Samaran and thirty-two more episodes by Laborwave Revolution Radio, free! No signup or install needed. Imagining a Better Utopia: Seizing Spaces of Revolutionary (Re)production w/ Alexander Riccio. Graduate Employee Strike At UO and Fighting for Worker Control w/ Lola Loustaunau.

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  3. PODCAST 60: Jesse Singal on Being Harassed by a Slate Journalist - Quillette

    Jesse Singal, contributing writer at New York magazine, talks to Jonathan Kay about being targeted for cancellation by Nicole Cliffe, a well-known left-wing journalist. It is the latest example of the harassment he’s endured at the hands of the social justice Left since writing a controversial cover story for the Atlantic entitled When Children Say They’re Trans. Singal wrote about being smeared by Cliffe for his newsletter Singal-Minded. Related

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