Why I left the ACA and what’s next…

During The Atheist Experience on Sunday, October 2nd, I announced that it would be my final show and that I would be leaving the Atheist Community of Austin.

This live stream, scheduled for 4pm Central on October 9th will address the story behind this decision as well as what comes next.

Some reminders: 1. I'm not asking anyone else to leave the ACA or stop supporting the ACA, you do what you feel is best. Support me, them, both, neither…but I'm giving my reasons for why I'm no longer supporting them.

  1. No one should harrass or bother the ACA about this, no matter how you feel about the information. There are still great people there, doing good, even if it's an organization I no longer wish to work with.

  2. My former cohosts are AMAZING people - do not call in to ACA shows and ask the presenters to weigh in on this issue. The presenters on AxP were informed that I was leaving and, in part, why…but presenters on other shows were not informed and do not know all of the isseus (part of the problem).

  3. I'm not sure if I'l be taking questions or not - the delay makes it difficult. But I do not have plans to address this issue after today. Getting back to work is the primary goal.

Original video: https://youtu.be/FGvlGQQlx-g
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