Leaving the Nexus: The Left After Cancel Culture w/ Clementine Morrigan and Jay Lesoleil

September 7th, 2022

Clementine Morrigan and Jay Lesoleil from the Fucking Cancelled podcast visit The Stoa to discuss a post-cancel culture left and leaving “the nexus” …

“Fucking Cancelled is a podcast with three aims. First, we analyze and critique a phenomenon on the left that we call the nexus: a synthesis of identitarianism, social media, and cancel culture. Second, we offer emotional, spiritual, and ethical insights into the process of rejecting and exiting the nexus. Third, we move toward a different vision for the left grounded in solidarity, freedom, and responsibility.

We are leftists who have spent many years inside the nexus. We have been too afraid to critique it and we have suffered the consequences of critiquing it. We know all too well the destructive impact the nexus has on our communities, our movements, our spiritual, emotional, and mental health, and our capacity to be responsible, ethical actors. We are also recovering addicts who live our lives by a set of spiritual and ethical principles which are starkly at odds with the rules of the nexus. We offer these principles as a guiding light toward a different left.”


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