Behind the Scenes! | OSHA? More like NOSHA

Here's how I do what I do for the videos on this channel. Since I am getting out from under the weather, hope you enjoy the glasses look (even if I'm squinting because I never wear them).

Things that didn't make it into the video: - I don't use batteries anywhere except for the lav mic - the camera and lights are on A/C power. Hence the abundance of cables everywhere in the thumbnail - The PC case is in a larger wooden box to keep the cats from pressing the power button, which was ingeniously put in top

  • Update on the update: no news so far on the referrals, and it's been a week :|



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Timestamps 0:00 Behind the Scenes, woo! 2:33 Overview 3:17 Scripting 9:29 To skip LaTeX blah blah 9:48 Filming 15:34 Editing 26:22 Wrap up 27:15 Credits and update 47:46 Kitty news

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