Naked Mormonism Podcast : Ep 138 – Full Faith and Credit with Andrew Torrez

On this episode, Andrew Torrez of Opening Arguments joins us to discuss the legal sphere of Joseph Smith’s troubles in 1843. He helps fact check my take on the January 1843 trial which heard in Smith’s favor on the writ of habeas corpus, but Jo was far from out of the woods. Andrew helps us understand what the next step would be for the State of Illinois as well as Jo’s legal counsel in keeping him out of state custody. After that, we read a letter Jo sent to his legal counsel with regards to new intelligence he’d gained from Orson Pratt. Then we wrap up with discussing a dream Jo had recorded in his history. Links: Go help BROTHER JAKE!!! January 1843 court transcription Opening Arguments Top 5 Show links: Website

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Music by Jason Comeau

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