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  1. The demise of the public toilet - Myf Warhurst - ABC Radio

    And why female toilet queues are longer than men’s.

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  2. Engaging your community » Geneva Push






    Church planter Stuart Starr boils down evangelism to its most fundamental concept, and shares very simple approaches to witnessing that will free your congregation up from much unnecessary anxiety over witnessing.

    Stuart Starr


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  3. Sir George Martin: a life fully lived - Late Night Live - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    A discussion with music industry colossus, Sir George Martin.

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  4. letter to dads of young girls

    Hey dads - has parenting your young daughter changed your perspective on feminism, masculinity, or the world in general?

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  5. does the internet of things need an OS?

    In this week’s podcast we tackle some big issues, such as whether we want to put in the effort to train the anticipatory home and if the internet of things needs an OS.

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