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I’m a forty-something Christian dad, living in Sydney Australia

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  1. Growing an Effective Kids Ministry – Reach Australia

    At the Reach Australia Conference in 2019, Sandy Galea from Kidswise runs a workshop for participants on creating an effective children’s ministry that moves participants from basic concepts to Christian maturity. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSS

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  2. Tara Brach: Rewiring for Happiness and Freedom, Part I

    Tara Brach: Rewiring for Happiness and Freedom, Part I (2018-10-03)

    The Buddha said, “I would not be teaching this (a path of awakening) if genuine happiness and freedom were not possible.” While this is our potential, we each have deep conditioning to get stuck in feelings of fear, deficiency and separation from others. These talks explore the two interdependent pathways of undoing the conditioning that blocks our potential. In Part I we will look at how we can intentionally arouse states of wellbeing, and with practice, develop them into ongoing traits that bring presence and joy to our lives. In Part II, we will investigate how to cultivate an unconditional presence, and the radical acceptance and love, that are the grounds of true happiness and inner freedom.

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  3. Ep. 51 || Family Devotions in the Season of Young Children — Risen Motherhood

    Busyness, squirmy children, silly questions, and feeling insecure about

    talking to toddlers about Jesus are all things that hinder intentional

    discipleship in the season of young children. When you feel like you can’t

    live up to that other family, or your ideal picture of family devotion

    time, it’s tempting to do nothing. But regardless the challenges, we’re

    still responsible for sharing God’s word with our children. In this

    episode, Emily and Laura discuss how they’ve altered their expectations for

    family worship, and share practical ideas for getting started. If the

    gospel is everything to us, and we are deeply grateful for God’s word, we

    will show our children how to feast off of the bread of life.

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  4. John Safran and the truth behind the push to ‘unsmoke the world’ - Conversations - ABC Radio

    Tobacco giant Philip Morris was financing what looked like anti-smoking initiatives around the world, but what they were advertising wasn’t safe

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  5. How Venture Capitalists Make Money with Brianne Kimmel | My First Million #206

    In this episode Sam (@theSamParr) and Shaan (@ShaanVP) are joined by solo capitalist Brianne Kimmel (@briannekimmel). They talk about how Bri got started in investing, the pros and cons of her busy schedule, and discuss some of the unicorns she’s invested in. They also discuss a cool use of deepfakes, how VCs make money, and whether or not college is worth the price of admission. ————- * Want to be featured in a future episode? Drop your question/comment/criticism/love here: * Support the pod by spreading the word, become a referrer here: * Have you joined our private Facebook group yet? Go to and join thousands of other entrepreneurs and founders scheming up ideas. ————- Show notes: * (0:22) Intro * (1:47) The Shake Up - a new podcast on the HubSpot Podcast Network * (6:14) GPT-3 and Anthony Bourdain * (11:02) A cool use of deepfakes * (12:53) Meet Brianne Kimmel * (15:36) Bri’s crazy schedule * (21:01) How VCs make money * (36:54) Hot spaces Bri sees * (39:24) Is higher education worth it? * (49:01) Winners Bri sees in her portfolio

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  6. Faith leaders concerned vaccine passports could keep worshippers away | SBS News

    Some community and religious organisations say they’re opposed to rules that would allow only fully vaccinated people to enter places of worship.

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  7. Episode 148 “Not really sure why he’s there (feat Nick Carr)”

    00:01:26 Reckless Easing, the 56% Opening story

    00:23:28 rules for thee not for me - Scummo’s ode to being a dad

    00:32:55 Ablo just giving up - revenue, housing affordability

    00:47:50 Why Bandt’s "tax the billionaires" pitch isn’t the election winner he thinks it is

    00:51:40 remember t

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  8. The Youth Ecosystem – Reach Australia

    As part of the Reach Australia conference, Jono McKeown runs a workshop on how to develop an effective ecosystem for youth ministry that translates into increasingly mature believers. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: RSS

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