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I’m a forty-something Christian dad, living in Sydney Australia

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  1. Clive James interviewed by Margaret Throsby - The Margaret Throsby Interviews - ABC Classic

    Clive James was an Australian-British author, poet, critic and broadcaster. This interview is from 2003.

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  2. Indistractable Tools

    Here is Nir’s curated list of the best tools and resources to help you stay focused and become indistractable.

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  3. Phillip Jensen MTSMM19 Talk 2

    What does Jesus require?

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  4. Phillip Jensen MTSMM19 Talk 1

    Who is Jesus?

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  5. Simon Flinders Talk 4 MTSMM19

    in the last days part 2

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  6. Simon Flinders Talk 3 MTSMM19

    in the last days part 1

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  7. Simon Flinders Talk 2 MTSMM19

    In the time of Jesus

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  8. Simon Flinders Talk 1 MTSMM19

    In the Beginning

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  9. Unlocking the mystery of Motor Neurone Disease - Conversations - ABC Radio

    Dominic Rowe is asking how common degenerative brain diseases begin (R)

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  10. Answer These 14 Questions before You Preach

    Peter Adam offers practical advice on preparing to preach.

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