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  1. In it for the Long Haul with Paul McKendrick (PCL Podcast, Season 2 Episode 16)

    Reverend Paul McKendrick has served as a pastor in Evans Head, and now works with Ministry and Mission. In this episode of Profiles in Christian Living, Mark Powell talks to Paul about what we are to think of the coming minister drought.

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  2. #42 – Back to the Future – Settling the Score

    It’s about time! Jon and Andy finally get around to Alan Silvestri’s score for the hit 1985 sci-fi comedy adventure Back to the Future. What does its main theme have in common with some other memorable movie melodies? How does a film’s score have to breathe with its editing? And, where we’re going, do we need roads?

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  3. Isha Kriya - What Is Isha Kriya & How It Works (Explained by Sadhguru)

    Watch this video to understand the science behind Isha Kriya. Once You understand the science behind it, there will no questions like:- What is Isha Kriya? How Isha Kriya works? What are the advantages & benefits of Isha Kriya? How to do Isha Kriya?

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  4. AGSM Director’s Lunch with Chris Cuffe AO Recorded on 25 March 21

    Our guest speaker is Chris Cuffe AO, founder and Chairman of Australian Philanthropic Services.

    Chris has 25 years of experience building successful wealth management practices and is Chairman of UniSuper Management Pty Ltd, Director of Third Link Investment Managers Pty Ltd, Cuffelinks Pty Ltd, and a Non-executive Director of Fitzpatricks Private Wealth. Chris is also Chairman of Primary Ethics Future Trust, the long-term capital arm of the charity Primary Ethics.

    The AGSM Director’s Lunch Series features online dialogues with leaders from the corporate, government and for-purpose sectors. AGSM students and alumni are invited to participate and consider the vital issues impacting organisational performance and behaviour today. Outstanding alumni and industry leaders will join us to share their career, personal and professional stories, experience and advice.

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  5. 104 | Cal Newport: Reimagining Work in an Age of Communications Overload

    Check out our Bookshop store to find all of Cal’s books:

    Cal Newport, author of A World Without Email: Reimagining Work in an Age of Communication Overload, joins The Realignment to discuss how email broke the workplace, remote-work during COVID, and how to pursue “digital minimalism” and “deep work.”

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  6. How Emails Are Constantly Destroying Your Productivity with Cal Newport

    We’ve known for a long time that humans aren’t great at multitasking. Once distracted, our brains find it hard to let go of the new information we’ve just learnt or seen. This is why the constant onslaught of emails, messages, texts, and phone calls could be killing our productivity and creativity. Cal Newport, author of A World Without Email, has seen this first hand.


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  7. Email Is Making Us Miserable — Here’s What to Do | Art of Manliness

    Each day you begin work with high hopes for productivity and creativity. But each day you instead find yourself bogged down in checking and answering emails and responding to messages on Slack. As frustrating as this is, it just seems like the inevitable, unalterable dynamic of modern jobs. But my guest today says that another way of […]

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  8. 693 - A World without Email with Cal Newport - The James Altucher Show -

    For the past year, I have been addicted to reading news even though I’ve promised myself years ago not to look at the news. However, the news nowadays doesn’t portray the entire truth or sometimes flat out wrong, I felt like I have to translate them to the audience what was the real news. So because of that, I was reading the news a lot more, on social media a lot more, and even argue with the "keyboard warrior"! So much that I was burnt out, and completely stop all my social media activities, and that accidentally led to me not looking and not responding to my email as much!

    Fortunate enough, Cal Newport, a computer science professor at Georgetown University, also a New York Times bestselling author of seven books, came out with the new book, A World Without Email: Reimagining Work in an Age of Communication Overload. We talked about the data on how email affects day-to-day life, and what are the effective ways of using email without getting burnt out!

    Join You Should Run For President 2.0 Facebook Group, and we discuss why should run for president.

    Also, my new book Skip The Line is out! Make sure you get a copy wherever you get your new book!

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