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I'm a forty-something Christian dad, living in Sydney Australia

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  1. The Devotional Life of a Pastor - featuring John Cotter & Louisa De Bruyn hosted by Peter Mayrick

    What if I lived out what I believed? Join Partners In Ministry's John Cotter, Louisa De Bruyn, and Peter Mayrick as they unpack the topic of the devotional life of a pastor - and all the assumptions, barriers, and challenges that come alongside it.

    If you're interested in working with Partners In Ministry, please feel free to email us at or through our website,

    Resources: "Unfettered" by Many Smith

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  2. Practical Ways to Reinvent the Way You Work | Aaron Dignan | Knowledge Project Podcast

    Author and business leader Aaron Dignan discusses strategies to change the way your company operates, as well as how organizations are run, the perils of stagnant bureaucracy, and all the various hurdles keeping us from doing our best work.

    00:00 - Intro 01:32 - What's stopping us from doing our best work 03:50 - Benefits of a hierarchical organization 05:57 - How do organizations lose their way 10:08 - Dealing with third-party timelines 14:02 - On feedback loops 16:51 - How organizations sabotage themselves 20:30 - The paradox of company values 21:30 - On always following procedures 27:10 - Principles vs. values 29:05 - On dealing with information hoarders 36:30 - Why don't people take risks 40:26 - Positive habits for a well-run company 48:40 - Permission vs. constraint cultures 01:00:30 - Mistakes people make with decisions 01:05:11 - On running retrospectives 01:09:00 - What Jr. employees can do to make a change 01:15:50 - Big companies don't exist


    📈  OUR MOST POPULAR INTERVIEWS 🎬  The Full Story of Naval Ravikant: 🎬  Bill Ackman - Getting Back Up: 🎬  Secrets to Healthy Relationships with Esther Perel:

    🎙 Listen to the show  iTunes: https://podcasts.a

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  3. How To 10X Your Income In 2023

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    Dr. Benjamin Hardy is an organizational psychologist and is the world’s leading expert on the psychology of entrepreneuri…

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  4. ‘Confirmation Bias’ | Tim Minchin: BACK

    Here’s a short - arguably funny - lecture from my show ‘Back’. It discusses among other things the science behind why we are becoming more divided, and why progressives need to learn that it is improbable that the path to more empathy will be paved with less empathy.

    'Back' details:

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  5. hurry slowly dec-08 bad habit loops

    What are the ideas, thoughts, and habits that rupture, or interrupt, our ability to feel at home? Through the lens of my own past addictions to alcohol and crime fiction, I explore the dark side of habits in this episode — the anxious, internal routines and dialogues that we are constantly performing and re-performing to keep ourselves from feeling safe, to suppress our self-expression, and to feel unloved. Questions we’ll explore in this episode: Why do we choose to consume media that makes us feel unsafe? How does shame factor into our bad habit, or addiction-oriented, loops? Can not feeling at home become a habit? Do we get used to the familiarity of not feeling comfortable? Check out our sponsors: Hover has a domain name for whatever you’re passionate about. Get 10% off your first domain name, and start laying the groundwork for your next big idea, by visiting Dig into the resources: References and media mentioned in this episode: Hurry Slowly reflection on Archiving the Self Hurry Slowly interview with Sebene Selassie: What It Means to Be Human Chani Nicholas explains what a Saturn Return is Not linking to any of the crime fiction I mention on purpose! : ) Support Hurry Slowly: Subscribe on iTunes or Spotify. Leave a rating for the show. Make a donation to Hurry Slowly. Share this episode with a friend!


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  6. Is there a role for religion in the classroom? - ABC Radio National

    Private religious schools are growing in number — but it's in secular public schools that the debate about the role of religion is fierce. Some say public school is no place for private religion. Others say it's important for kids to learn about religion. And still others say there's a place for education on various worldviews. On God Forbid, James Carleton and the panel look at religious educations in schools.

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