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  1. Seth Godin: We Are All Weird Interview – How to Create More Creators | Marketing Interview

    In this interview Seth Godin author of We Are All Weird explains how to become a master at your craft, build your tribe and why having guts ensures success.

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  2. An Agent of Change (Seth Godin)

    In this week’s episode, Ben Orenstein is joined by best selling author, Seth Godin.

    Seth describes himself as an entrepreneur, a blogger, and an agent of change.

    They discuss art, frustration, and the endless pursuit of perfection as an artist. In his newest book, The Icarus Deception, Seth discusses seeking art in your work and looking beyond standards and production. They talk about the importance of finding connections with other artists and people who can provide meaningful feedback. They discuss several of Seth’s blog posts which are linked below, and much more.

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  3. Seth Godin’s Modern Business Plan

    Do you really use your business plan? Or did you, like many companies, spend a lot of time developing it but it sits on the shelf as a work of fiction.

    On today’s BTalk Seth Godin says many business plans are not plans and they don’t have much to do with business. So what’s the alternative?


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