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  1. Podcast: Wordsmithy 2016 Plenary Talk #4: Walter Kirn - New Saint Andrews College

    Podcast: Wordsmithy 2016 Plenary Talk #4: Walter Kirn

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    In this episode of the NSA podcast you can join us for the 4th plenary talk of Wordsmithy 2016 featuring author Walter Kirn.


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  2. Ep. 44 Multiple of What?

    Dennis Hart sold his advertising agency, Apex Media, for 7.1 times EBITDA. Selling for 7X sounds like a great exit but it disguises the complexity of the negotiations. Hart felt like he knew precisely how much EBITDA he generated until the buyer started questioning his math, adding back extra expenses, and driving down his EBITDA. Hart walked away from the negotiating table twice. Eventually both parties were able to agree on a set of “add backs,” but this is a good reminder that, when it comes to selling your business, your EBITDA can be subjective.

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  3. In Memoriam: Roger Lundin (1949-2015) | Mars Hill Audio

    English professor and literary critic, Roger Lundin, passed away on November 13, 2015. Lundin was a frequent guest on the MARS HILL AUDIO Journal, surpassed in number of appearances perhaps only by his colleague Alan Jacobs. Lundin taught English at Wheaton College for 37 years, holding chairs as both the Clyde S. Kilby Professor of English and the Arthur F. Holmes Professor of Faith and Learning. In tribute to Roger Lundin's great work as a scholar and a teacher, we are making available two archive interviews from volumes 36 and 79. Dr. Lundin will be greatly missed by his family, his colleagues, and many generations of students.“Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours; and their works do follow them.” — Revelation 14:13

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