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  1. Season 1 Episode 2: Dialog – Creativity meets Technology

    For part one of a two-part conversation, Federico and John are joined by John Gruber of Daring Fireball and The Talk Show to talk about how he got started, the role of luck, privilege, hard work, and talent in success, the toxicity of social media, building a business writing online, advertising, sponsorships, hairpieces, and more.


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  2. Slavoj Zizek vs Jordan Peterson debate

    Original video: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=78BFFq_8XvM&feature=youtu.be
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  3. What We Learned When 25,000 People Tried to Fight Information Overload | Note to Self | WNYC Studios

    What we learned through a week of experimenting with information overload interventions.


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  4. Infomagical Challenge 5: Magical Life | Note to Self | WNYC Studios

    Write a sentence articulating your personal rule/algorithm/filter parameters/mantra to live by. Consider it your ‘Note to Self’.


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  5. Infomagical Challenge 4: Magical Connection | Note to Self | WNYC Studios

    Discuss something you’ve heard, read, or watched with someone for at least seven minutes by phone or in person. Social psychologist Sherry Turkle explains why and how.


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  6. Infomagical Challenge 3: Magical Brain | Note to Self | WNYC Studios

    Avoid a trending topic, or “must read” today. Consume only what’s valuable to you. Issued by Cates Holderness, who launched The Dress meme, and Ann Blair, information overload historian.


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  7. Infomagical Challenge 2: Magical Phone | Note to Self | WNYC Studios

    Tidy up your apps and transform your phone into a portal of wisdom. Brought to you by "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up" author Marie Kondo herself.


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  8. Infomagical Challenge 1: Magical Day | Note to Self | WNYC Studios

    No multi-tasking today. Work on one thing at a time, and give each task your full focus.


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  9. The Case for Infomagical | Note to Self | WNYC Studios

    All of the information you need about information overload.


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  10. A Neuroscientist’s Guide to Getting Organized (Plus: Survey!) | Note to Self | WNYC Studios

    If you had to guess, how many facts have you taken in today? Dr. Daniel Levitin says it’s probably way too many to process.


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