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  1. Frederick Douglass’ Descendants Read His Famous ‘Fourth Of July’ Speech


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  2. Podcast - Raising Free People™ Network

    Fare of the Free Child is a weekly-published podcast community centering Black people, Indigenous people, and People of Color in liberatory living and learning practices. With a particular interest in unschooling and the Self-Directed Education movement, Akilah S. Richards and guests discuss the fears and the fares (costs) of raising free black and brown children in a world that tends to diminish, dehumanize, and disappear them.

    #BIPOCinSDE #RaisingFreePeople


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  3. China and the techno-authoritarian narrative - SupChina

    This week on the Sinica Podcast: the shifting narratives about the relationship between technology and authoritarian politics, and how these shifts have been affected by China’s rise as a technology power.


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  4. Danny Dorling: Why an Economic Slowdown is Good for the Planet | Literary Hub

    The coronavirus pandemic is dramatically disrupting not only our daily lives but society itself. This show features conversations with some of the world’s


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  5. The Pandemic’s Path - Open Source with Christopher Lydon

    How did it happen? And who’s accountable? Seems now a lot of people saw it coming. Stephen King wrote his viral bestseller The Stand 30 years ago; Bill Gates put his warning in a TED …


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  6. Peak meat: is veganism the future? | News | The Guardian

    Marco Springmann, a public health expert, tells Anushka Asthana why cutting out animal products is the best route to a healthy diet – and why veganism is good for the planet. Plus: Alex Hern on the Guardian’s exclusive story of how the Amazon chief, Jeff Bezos, allegedly had his phone hacked after receiving a WhatsApp message apparently sent from the crown prince of Saudi Arabia.


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  7. Gordon Hempton — Silence and the Presence of Everything - The On Being Project

    The acoustic ecologist on collecting sounds around the world and why silence is an endangered species on the verge of extinction.


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  8. Stewart Brand: City Planet - How Urbanization Will Drive Innovation (6/14/2008) | Commonwealth Club

    Stewart Brand, Founder and Publisher, The Whole Earth Catalogue; Co-founder, The Long Now Foundation; Co-founder, The WELL; Co-founder, Global Business Network

    Over the past four decades, invincible rabble-rouser Stewart Brand has spent time anticipating cultural revolutions and launching a medley of new ideas, movements, organizations, and communities. In the process, he has turned conventional thinking upside down. Today, Brand spends considerable time talking about the "city planet," a term used to describe the expeditious growth of cities. By the middle of this century, 80 percent of the world population will be urbanized changing everything from economics to the environment and global population. Brand argues that these new "squatter cities," though impoverished and seemingly chaotic, will incubate untapped human ingenuity.

    This program was recorded in front of a live audience at The Commonwealth Club on June 14, 2008.


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  9. Jenny Odell: How To Do Nothing • Hurry Slowly

    Artist Jenny Odell on the power of actions that can’t be optimized and withholding your attention as an act of resistance.


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  10. Ramit Sethi — Automating Finances, Negotiating Prenups, Disagreeing with Tim, and More (#371) | The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss

    "Most of us should spend less time on most decisions and we should spend a lot more time on a few key decisions." — Ramit Sethi Ramit Sethi, (@ramit) author of the New York Times bestseller I Will Teach You To Be Rich, has become a financial guru to millions of readers in their twenties, thirt…


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