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  1. #261: How Solitude and Friendship Can Make You a Better Leader

    There’s a growing feeling amongst Americans that we’re suffering a crisis of leadership in our government, families, and businesses. People seem less independent and autonomous, and more directed by others. What’s behind this lackluster leadership and what’s the solution?

    My guest today argues that the problem has to do with the way we’re bringing up what he calls "excellent sheep," and that the solution is equal doses of deep solitude and deep friendship. His name is William Deresiewicz and he’s the author of several books and speeches, including A Jane Austen Education, Excellent Sheep, and Solitude and Leadership. Today on the show, William and I discuss what most so-called leaders get wrong about leadership and why learning to be alone with your thoughts helps forge better leaders. We discuss the history of friendship, why friends are so hard to make as an adult, and what you can do to form deeper relationships. William and I also talk about how young people can stop being “excellent sheep,” and jumping through the hoops other people put in front of them in order to start living on their own terms. We cap our conversation with an exploration on why men should give Jane Austen a chance and the life lessons we can get from her novels.

    This is an eclectic, but wisdom-filled podcast. You’re definitely going to hear something you’ll end up mentally chewing on for days to come.

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  2. John Roderick, The Long Winters/Roderick on the Line - XOXO Festival (2016)

    A frequent guest at XOXO, John Roderick is the frontman and songwriter of The Long Winters, the receiving end of Merlin Mann’s weekly phone calls for Roderick on the Line, and one of our favorite storytellers of all time.

    Follow John on Twitter: Roderick on the Line: The Long Winters: And his official site:

    Recorded in September 2016 at XOXO, an experimental festival celebrating independently produced art and technology in Portland, Oregon. For more, visit

    Introductory music: "Flaws Run Deep" by Jim Guthrie. Video production by brytCAST. Video thumbnail by Searle Video. Captions by White Coat Captioning.

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  3. #257: The Productivity Project

    Along with getting into shape, being more productive is a common goal people have.

    While there are a ton of books and articles out there filled with productivity tips, which ones actually work?

    My guest today took a year out of his life to test all the productivity advice out there and has written a book sharing what worked for him. His name is Chris Bailey and he’s the author of "The Productivity Project: Accomplishing More by Managing Your Time, Attention, and Energy." Today on the show, Chris and I discuss the common misconceptions about productivity that lead people astray in their goals, why having a “why” is the most important step in becoming more productive, and why planning your day around your personal energy cycle can boost your productivity significantly. Chris also gives specific tactics to beat procrastination, strengthen your ability to focus, and manage your to-do list.

    This episode is chalk full of actionable advice, so take notes.

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  4. Podcast #2: Chasing Comets–Peter Tsou Tells the Story of Stardust (#2)

    In this podcast, co-founder Stephen Steiner sits down with Dr. Peter Tsou from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

    Dr. Tsou is the principle investigator for the Stardust probe–the spacecraft that successfully captured and returned comet dust to Earth using a unique particle capture system comprised of tiles of silica aerogel.

    From the origins of the solar system to lessons on making extraordinary things possible, Dr. Tsou tells us the story of Stardust.

    Podcast #2: Chasing Comets–Peter Tsou Tells the Story of Stardust (#2)

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