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  1. The KLF - Chill Out

    Ambient House 1990 UK The KLF were Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty.

    Tracklisting: 1. Brownsville Turnaround on the Tex-Mex Border 2. Pulling out of Ricardo and the Dusk is Falling Fast 3. Six Hours to Louisiana, Black Coffee Going Cold 4. Dream Time in Lake Jackson 5. Madrugada Eterna 6. Justified and Ancient Seems a Long Time Ago 7. Elvis on the Radio, Steel Guitar in My Soul 8. 3 A.M. Eternal Somewhere out of Beaumont 9. Wichita Lineman Was a Song I Once Heard 10. Trancentral Lost in My Mind 11. The Lights of Baton Rouge Pass By 12. A Melody from a Past Life Keeps Pulling Me Back 13. Rock Radio into the Nineties and Beyond 14. Alone Again with the Dawn Coming Up

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  2. Moby: finding freedom from addiction. | Not Perfect Podcast on acast

    In today’s show I interview an extraordinary human-being. Award-winning musician, producer, animal rights and mental health activist, philanthropist and restauranteur Moby. In the show he talks about his journey with addiction, mental-health struggles and finding freedom. Moby challenges his desire for fame and money and explains his shift to living a life in alignment with his soul. For information regarding your data privacy, visit

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  3. Adam Buxton: Podcast EP.44 – Adam Curtis

    Podcast episode 44 features a conversation with British journalist and documentary film maker Adam Curtis.

    We met on the 16th December 2016 in the meeting room of the London production company where my producer friend Seamus works. In the wake of Brexit and Donald Trump’s election the conversation often focused on a favourite theme of Mr Curtis: where the pursuit of individualism is leading us. We also talked about how Adam uses music in his films and I sneaked a bit of death chat in there too. You’re welcome! A few related links below.

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  4. Last Week On Earth With Ben Gleib #123: Guest Moby: The Nose Breathing Dragon

    Mar 11, 2014 - Moby joins Gleib to discuss what love is, if gangsta rap keeps people down, what kind of girl he likes, trusting your instincts, Facebook buying drones, why he quit drugs and alcohol (as Gleib tries to get him to to give it another try,) the dumb-ing down of people, nose breathing, the decline of books, how the government pulls off conspiracies right before our eyes, how welfare programs helped him, orange juice, toads, and much more. Follow Moby on Twitter at @TheLittleIdiot

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  5. ClashMusic DJ Mix Podcast - Chad Valley

    Few Clash podcast artists could follow-up a Mariah Carey re-edit with a classic Aphex Twin track and get away with it unscathed. Chad Valley is one such artist.

    Admittedly the Carey edit is Chad Valley’s own, and gives the saccharine diva’s tune a pleasing new hazy tranquillity – an atmosphere also present throughout much of his own work, which explores dreamy, irresistible synth-pop landscapes, gloriousl coated in nostalgia and reverb.

    Part of the Blessing Force collective – a group of musicians, artists and writers from Oxford, including Trophy Wife and Rhosyn – Manuel provides a heartfelt take on r’n’b and soul (both classic and contemporary) for his Clash mix, adding some gentle electronics and giving away only the slightest of tongue-in-cheek grins.

    His selection features new-wave funk from Studio, a blast of scratchy hip hop via Quasimoto’s ‘Loop Digga’ edit, the beautiful, melodic ‘Candy Shoppe’ from US psych/ambient act Emeralds, and finishes with a dose of thoroughly contemporary electronic soul from two recent SBTRKT collaborators, Jessie Ware and Sampha.

    Chad Valley’s latest EP, ‘Equatorial Ultravox’, is out now on Maman Records.

    Chad Valley DJ Mix Tracklisting 1. Frank Ocean - Swim Good 2. The-Dream feat. Mariah Carey - My Love (Chad Valley Dream Edit) 3. Aphex Twin - We Are The Music Makers 4. Studio - Self Service 5. Evelyn King - Love Come Down 6. Quasimoto - Return of the Loop Digga (Edit) 7. The Tough Alliance - New Chance 8. Advance - Take me to the Top 9. Francis and the Lights - Darling, It’s Alright 10. Emeralds - Candy Shoppe 11. Jessie Ware and Sampha - Valentine

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  6. Josh Wink - DataTransmission Podcast 162

    Having celebrated fifteen years of his fantastic Ovum Records at last year, we are delighted to welcome back to SW4 acid house master Josh Wink. As the very special guest in the Cocoon arena we look forward to this bona fide legend continuing where he left off. We spoke to Josh recently to talk about his summer and what he has in store for us at SW4. Josh has also recorded a mix which is now available to download from the Data Transmission website. Go get it now- its red hot!

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  7. Nightwave, Feel (Lotide Mix)

    Name changes can be a tricky business for any artist, but sometimes they are absolutely necessary. No offense to Maya Medvesek, but changing her moniker from 8Bitch to Nightwave (pictured above) just might be the smartest thing she’s ever done. Along with the new name, she’s also promising a more mature approach to music-making, as displayed by her brand-new EP, The Feel, which dropped earlier this week. However, even with Medvesek putting more refined techniques into practice, her original version of "Feel" still thumps pretty hard, a characteristic completely absent on this remix from Southern California youngster Lotide. His version is loaded with white space, the gaps only partially filled in by clattering, off-kilter percussion and lightly wafting synth melodies. The remix recalls the work of someone like Teebs, which definitely isn’t a bad thing. Svetlana is promising a couple of proper Lotide EPs in the near future, but we’ll have to tide ourselves over with his thoughtful remix of "Feel" in the meantime.


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  8. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - ‘Trouble (Chad Valley Remix)’

    Another young remixer, Oxford’s Chad Valley aka Hugo Manuel, has also been busy recently. Following the premiere of his own track ‘Now That I’m Real (How Does It Feel)’ yesterday, he gets to work on glitter cannon dance-act Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. Possibly inspired by Orlando Higginbottom’s love of feathery head dresses, he fills the upbeat terrace track ‘Trouble’ with the sounds of birds flitting in and out of his trademark twinkles.

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  9. The Miracles Club, Light of Love (The Whendays Ecstasy Remix)

    This thumping tech-house offering from Swedish production duo The Whendays is apparently a remix of "Light of Love" by Portland-based house revivalists The Miracles Club (pictured above), though we can’t exactly suss out how. Maybe the ghostly vocal samples that call out from beyond the discordant groove of bass, synth, and percussion loops are cut from singer Honey Owens’ original performance, but beyond that, this sounds like an entirely original track with its own kind of woozy bounce. And it’s pretty damn good, so we’re okay with that.

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