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  1. Pocket Sized Podcast 149: Findery with John Fox | Pocket Sized Podcast

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    Findery is a wonderful location, culture, and story discovery service with a new iOS app for iPhone. John Fox of Findery joins us to talk about how it is used for sharing stories, tracking interests across the world, and discovering things in a new way. John Nemo washes your iPhone’s mouth out with soap on World’s Shortest Reviewcast.

    Introducing John Fox [01:10–02:40]

    John Fox is a friend of ours from days long past, known for MemoryMiner and other development work. Scott and John talk about the old days.


    Findery [02:45–08:44]

    John is currently working at Findery, a social discovery app and web service that helps people find and share their location, culture, and interest stories from around the world. John talks about what Findery is and how it enables this type of storytelling.

    Findery for iPhone

    Findery website

    Findery Blog

    Findery UI Overview[08:45–15:50]

    John leads us through the Findery UI, which has been carefully laid out to aid in sharing and discovery.

    Travelling and capturing memories and stories[15:50–17:20]

    John recalls travels of his and how he was able to record audio soundscapes, and how we all have iOS devices now that are capable of gathering photos, videos, and recordings of everywhere we go. He also talks about tweeting experiences versus capturing them and being able to share them more richly later.

    Users and content are what make discovery services compelling[17:20–18:47]

    The community is what makes apps like Findery successful, and Findery has worked hard on getting community and getting content into Findery through the web site and now the iOS app.

    Making mobile apps discoverable and understandable[19:30–25:15]

    Ronnie and John talk about how to make app features discoverable on mobile apps and how the Findery team has worked to try to make it easier for new users.

    Sponsored by Squarespace[25:15–28:48]

    This episode of Pocket Sized Podcast is sponsored by Squarespace. Use offer code MARS for 10% off your first purchase at Squarespace.

    Findery for iOS UI and translating Findery for the web to mobile[28:48–31:52]

    John talks about how making the app accessible to people whose iPhones are their computers was important to Findery.

    Charity: water

    Findery business model[31:52–36:08]

    Findery is a free app, so what’s the business model? John explains, and also talks about the Findery team and a little bit about their financial situation.

    Fun discoveries on Findery[36:08–42:34]

    Scott asks John what some of the neater things he’s discovered due to Findery are.

    Private notes, journaling, and sharing[42:34–45:58]

    Ronnie asks John about some of the other sharing aspects of Findery, such as private notes, as well as possible integration with other apps.

    Contact information and Links[45:58–48:38]

    John tells us how to find him (and us) on Findery, and on Twitter as well.

    Findery for iPhone

    Findery website

    John Fox on Findery

    John Fox on Twitter

    Scott on Findery

    Ronnie on Findery


    iDeveloper podcast

    John Nemo and World’s Shortest Reviewcast[48:38–51:33]

    John Nemo cleans your iPhone’s mouth out with soap with the PhoneSoap Charger.

    PhoneSoap Charger

    PhoneSoap Videos

    PhoneSoap Charger Review


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    Findery for iPhone

    Findery web site

    Findery Blog

    John Fox on Twitter


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