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  1. #57 Freedom with Fred Stutzman

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  2. Dean Q And A

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  3. The Incomparable | 20 Minutes Into the Future (Episode 337)

    Charlie Brooker’s anthology TV series “Black Mirror” has been compared to “The Twilight Zone”, with its dark, twist-laden tales about the advance of technology and how it affects society. Does it live up to the hype? Our panel watched all 13 episodes—all currently available on Netflix—and is here to report back on the strengths and weaknesses of the series. We also discuss our five favorite episodes in detail, so you can skip to the highlights if you don’t want to utterly darken your soul.

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  4. Horrible Imaginings Podcast #167: Talking Video Shop Life with Videosyncratic Author Jon Spira

    Oh man, when two cineastes decide to have a conversation watch out! It is hard to contain the purest of enthusiasm for movies that erupts when you put me on Skype with my friend Jon Spira! You might remember that from episode 157, when he joined me to discuss his documentary Elstree 1976, which you can click on that link to purchase. It’s also available in Netflix, I feel obliged to mention.

    Anyway, a few days back I noticed that Jon wrote an article for Huffington Post called “The Death of DVD will Haunt Us”, the content of which you can probably guess, but it’s worth a read. I shared it on my Facebook page and it started a great conversation and over 100 shares. For us film geeks, this topic is a sensitive one, it seems. Through that Facebook thread, I learned that Jon had written a new book that he was currently selling on Kickstarter called Videosyncratic, which is named after the pair of video stores (or shop, in the UK vernacular) he used to own in Oxford. The book is a memoir all about how the video shop has been firmly rooted in who he has become as a person. I read the entire book in one sitting and loved it. Even if someone’s tastes are not in complete accordance with Jon’s, I think every horror, exploitation, or cult film fan has experienced the outcast phenomenon that their love for movies has created, and the sanctuary we all felt when we used to go to the video stores as kids. Every one of you will appreciate the wit and humor in this book. Some parts are laugh out loud hilarious, and even touching.

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  5. Start-up live: living in a world of optimism

    Six entrepreneurs who have featured in recent episodes discuss survival strategies and key ingredients for success with Jonathan Moules in front of a live audience at the Financial Times in London.


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  6. The Life of a Song: I Believe in Father Christmas

    Greg Lake died this week, and this track remains an enduring Christmas classic. Credit: Syco Music, Universal, Decca, Symphonia

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  7. TeeVee | “Mr. Robot” Season 2 wrap-up review (Episode 194)


    “Mr. Robot” Season 2 wrap-up review

    We put the rest of the second season of “Mr. Robot” in the ground and review the season as a whole.

    Mr. Robot

    September 28, 2016

    1 hour, 23 minutes

    Jason Snell

    with Philip Mozolak and Dan Moren


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    "Mr. Robot" Season 2 wrap-up review

    We put the rest of the second season of "Mr. Robot" in the ground and review the season as a whole.

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  8. The Culture First Podcast - 08 - Katelin Holloway

    Katelin Holloway of Reddit talks about building culture at Reddit, and what she learned working for Pixar and Klout in “The Culture First Podcast - 08”


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  9. BILL DRUMMOND - The Penkiln Burn

    The Penkiln Burn, written and read by Bill Drummond - from the Caught By The River podcast - for more information and their excellent blog see

    For more on Bill Drummond see

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  10. Re/code | Tech News, Reviews & Analysis

    Re/code Decode, hosted by Kara Swisher. “Rich Douchebags” Shouldn’t Get Tech’s Wealth (Chamath Palihapitiya, Investor, Social Capital)

    Social Capital founder Chamath Palihapitiya talks with Kara Swisher about working on Winamp, AOL Instant Messenger and Facebook before becoming an investor. In today’s Silicon Valley, he says, old investment firms are dying and the next hundred-billion-dollar companies will be more diverse and open-minded.

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