Change Coach Conversation #7: Having Clients Who Can’t Wait to Work with You

Welcome back to Change Coach Conversations!

In today’s CCC, I want to talk about having clients who can’t wait to work with you. Clients who ask you if you will please take them on as a client, rather than you needing to sell yourself or spend a lot of time showing them that you can help them.

Now you can, and maybe will at times, seek them out and show them how coaching can help them. There’s nothing at all wrong with that.

But you can also have clients who don’t need any convincing; clients who try to convince you to take them on as a client. And that’s great because it makes “selling” much easier and maybe even nonexistent. These ready-to-go people make excellent clients who generally get a lot of value in your work with them.

So how do we set it up so that people come to us ready and eager to commit? The have to know you.

They know where you come from. How you see things. How you’ve helped others.

And most of all—what this all boils down to—is that THEY SEE THAT YOU CAN HELP THEM.

So when I say they know you, here’s what it’s NOT:

It’s not sharing pictures of your pets or kids on Instagram all the time.

It’s not calling yourself a coach, talking about your qualifications or certifications. In my experience, people couldn’t care less about your training or certifications.

It’s not that…

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