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  1. Merlin Mann on Time & Attention (Google Tech Talk)

    March, 31 2008

    Merlin Mann is the creator of the Getting Things Done oriented web site and a GTD Guru in his own right. He came and did a tech talk last summer called Inbox Zero which was packed, and can be seen at (and is highly recommended). This time Merlin is coming in to talk to us about time and attention, and how to maximize both.

    If you think you don’t have time to come to this tech talk, then you are likely one of the people who needs it most!

    Speaker: Merlin Mann Creator of the 43 folders GTD focused web site and several others. Also regular on the This Week in Tech podcast and Macbreak weekly.

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  2. Before Show Me Your Mic #20 with Merlin Mann | SSKTN

    Merlin Mann and Chris Enns prepare for the interview by having an accidental parenting podcast episode. Experts on everything Minecraft and kids lying to you.

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  3. In Bike-Friendly Copenhagen, Highways For Cyclists : NPR

    Bikers are everywhere in Copenhagen. And now the city is building new, high-speed routes into the city that will make it easier to commute, even from the distant suburbs.

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  4. Ep. 27: ”Bellinghamming” - Roderick on the Line - Merlin Mann

    The Problems: John’s waxy buildup; The Bubble Bath Rotation; helping two halfway houses become a whole; some benefits of German underpants; Sly offers a PA some oral notes; Cal stands upon his head; Merlin’s unfortunate Era Era; A Brief History of John’s Egregious Rashes; and mastering the international hand gestures that ensure a great haircut.

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  5. Back to Work - Best of Bleu Toot (by micahw156)

    On this week’s Back to Work, Merlin said that he doesn’t really want to know where the “Bulk Bag” meme started, but turns out I know, so I decided to post this highlight mix anyway. These are some of my favorite Bleutoot moments cut from 5by5 After Dark and Back to Work episodes.

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  6. net@night with Amber and Leo 12 | TWiT.TV (2006)

    This week Amber and Leo talk with one of their heros, Merlin Mann the creator of 43Folders - a site dedicated to helping people get more organized. And other stuff. Merlin also runs

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  7. Who Breaks a Butterfly on a Wheel

    Who Breaks a Butterfly on a Wheel Saturday 2 August 2008

    Re-telling the story of the Rolling Stones’ traumatic summer of 1967.

    Following the infamous drug-bust on a party held at the home of Keith Richards, both he and Mick Jagger were prosecuted.

    Then editor of The Times, William Rees-Moog, questioned the outcome of the court case that saw Jagger and Richards handed custodial sentences for first-time offences.

    He felt their sentences were harsher than ‘any purely anonymous young man’ would have received, due to their celebrity status.

    The programme, which takes its name from Rees-Moog’s article, includes interviews with the former editor and Andrew Loog Oldham, then manager of the Rolling Stones.

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  8. Keith and the Girl 1100: Leave it alone

    Can’t grab a dick with a backhand. Reminiscing, the first KATG Office Party wraps up the end of the year

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  9. ‘How To Be A Woman’: Not A Feminist? Caitlin Moran Asks, Why Not? : NPR

    Moran believes that most women who don’t want to be called feminists don’t understand what feminism is. Her new book How to Be a Woman is a funny take on housework, high heels, body fat, abortion, marriage and, of course, Brazilian waxes.

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  10. Erin Kissane podcast interview: editorial strategy, web magazines and trolls

    In Episode 4 of the Together London Podcast, I talk to Erin Kissane about what she learned editing A List Apart magazine, her book The Elements of Content Strategy, why she started Contents Magazine, and what we can do about the problem of harassment online.

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