007-The Attributes of God Ch3 - The Restoration and Systematic Theologies (Part 2)

Continuing our survey of Mormon systematic Theologies we discuss the thought of the Pratts, John A. Widtsoe, B.H. Roberts, and Modern Mormon leaders. We talk about why they portrayed things as they did and what some strengths and weaknesses of each view are.

Pratt’s ‘The Seer’: https://archive.org/details/seereditedbyorso01unse

Widtsoe’s ‘A Rational Theology’: https://archive.org/details/rationaltheologywidtsoe

B.H. Roberts’ ‘The Seventy’s Course in Theology’: https://archive.org/details/seventyscoursein00robe

Original video: https://soundcloud.com/user-914466958/007-the-attributes-of-god-ch3-the-restoration-and-systematic-theologies-part-2
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