Retroist McDonald’s McRib Podcast

In this episode, I discuss the legendary or infamous (depending on who you ask) pork fast food sandwich, McDonald’s McRib.

I am a fan of fast food and enjoy reading about the fast-food industry. This episode is a celebration of the McRib and a discussion of its history and creation.

I start the show talking about quests. I enjoy seeking things and fast food has given me many opportunities to seek things over the years. From premiums to limited-time foods, the searching has brought me great joy.

Then I move onto the sandwich itself. I discuss the creators of the McRib, the process of making one, its relationship to the pork industry, its initial failure, and its slow inevitable rise.

Metagrrl is back this week with a top 5 list of discontinued McDonald’s menu items. It’s a great list that could almost be a podcast unto itself. I think you will enjoy it.

The McRib is a fascinating bit of food science and commerce. It has a colorful history that is worth exploring. I am not sure why, but it makes me happy that a community has coalesced around a molded pork patty sandwich. So make sure to get a McRib while you can.