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  1. Pioneers: Jonathan Blow

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    Jonathan Blow is an independent video game designer and programmer. He created Braid (2008) and The Witness (2016) — two puzzle games that, when released, received widespread acclaim. Jonathan also created a new programming language called Jai, intended specifically for game development.

    Jonathan: Devon: Notion:

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  2. #SFSW16 Panel - Rethinking Restaurants: Local Tech Remakes an Industry

    Restaurants are a particularly large and important vertical in local, and as such they’ve long been a testing ground for a variety of digital products. Now a new generation of companies is starting to use local marketing and delivery services to rethink what a restaurant is and how we think about our dining experiences.

    • Anna Tauzin, Senior Marketing Manager, National Restaurant Association (moderator)
    • Wiley Cerilli, CEO, Good Uncle
    • Catherine Porter, SVP, OpenTable
    • Ware Sykes, CEO, Nowait

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