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  1. The Books That Made Me: China Mieville

    Award-winning fantasy writer China Miéville reveals himself through his six favourite books in this new feature on The Guardian Books Podcast.

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  2. Short story podcast: William Boyd reads ‘My Dream of Flying to Wake Island’ by JG Ballard | Books |

    William Boyd reads a characteristic JG Ballard story, dominated by image and symbol rather than character and narrative, ‘My Dream of Flying to Wake Island’

    In the short history of the short story – not much longer than 150 years – very few writers have completely redefined the form. Chekhov, pre-eminently, but also Hemingway and Borges. JG ­Ballard has to be added to this exclusive list, in my opinion. Ballard’s models for his haunting stories are closer to art and music, it seems to me, than to literature. These are fictions inspired by the paintings of De Chirico and Max Ernst, which summon up the mesmerising ostinatos of Philip Glass and Steve Reich. Character and narrative are secondary – image and symbol dominate with a surreal and hypnotic intensity, and the language reflects this. Ballardian tropes – empty swimming pools, abandoned resorts, psychotic astronauts, damaged doctors, the alluring nihilism of consumer society and so forth – are unmistakably and uniquely his. "My Dream of Flying to Wake ­Island" is a true Ballardian classic.

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  3. NPR Books: June 19: Guillermo del Toro

    This is the NPR Books podcast, a weekly which collects book-related stories from the previous week… the first segment of this one is an interview with Guillermo del Toro, who is talking about his new vampire novel called The Strain - he also talks about his "second house", a place full of books!

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  4. Dragon Page Cover to Cover 408A: Mike Resnick

    Dragon Page Cover to Cover 408A Mike Resnick

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  5. The Skiffy and Fanty Show

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  6. Dragon Page: Cover to Cover, George R.R. Martin

    Dragon Page Cover to Cover Interview of George R.R. Martin 4-28-2010


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  7. Robert Harris on Cicero, Hitchhiker’s revisited and the art of the book editor

    Robert Harris talks to Claire Armitstead about Lustrum, the second novel in his Cicero trilogy - and explains why he dedicated the book to Peter Mandelson. Plus, our studio panel discusses Eoin Colfer’s revisiting of Douglas Adams’s Hitchiker’s series, and the art of the book editor

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  8. To The Best Of Our Knowledge - The Future of Science Fiction

    Space, the final frontier. But is science fiction the final frontier when it comes to being a literature of ideas? In this hour of To the Best of Our Knowledge, we’ll wax philosophical about science fiction with two of the genre’s greatest writers — George R.R. Martin and Ursula K. Le Guin. And we’ll explore H.P. Lovecraft’s literary philosophy of "Cosmicism."

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