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  1. How memes create social and political change – Chips with Everything tech podcast | Technology | The Guardian

    We talk to internet culture experts about how memes are used to generate change in society and politics

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  2. Idle Thumbs > Shows > Three Moves Ahead > Episodes > Chess in 2016

    June 10, 2016 The inmates are running the asylum as Three Moves Ahead producer Michael Hermes takes over the show to talk about the state of chess in 2016. Joining Michael is chess professional and Youtuber John Bartholomew, an FIDE International Master and all-around chess guru. There are many reasons to be excited about chess right now, such as the boom in Youtube and streaming and the dynamic state of the professional scene. John and Michael go over some of the tools available to modern players, the sites they get excited about, and how St. Louis has become the chess capital of the US.


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