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  1. Making Friends: On Toys and Toymaking — dConstruct Audio Archive

    Toys are not idle knick-knacks: they allow us to explore otherwise impossible terrain; fire the imagination; provide sparks for structured play. They do not just entertain and delight; they stimulate and inspire. And always, they remind us of the value - and values - to be found in abstract play.

    —Huffduffed by boxman

  2. See, Sort, Sketch: Pen & Paper Design

    The rich world of human behavior is fascinating to observe, yet difficult to interpret. People’s goals and motivations lay hidden beneath behaviors, masked from sight until user research and analysis exposes them. But is the purpose of these insights really just a report to hand off to a design or engineering team? Kate Rutter says, "No!"

    Increasingly, research and design teams are including other stakeholders in the analysis process and using hands-on, visual tools to bring clarity and insight. How is this done? By using the analog favorites of pen and paper.

    In this talk, you’ll get a taste-test of methods and activities that leverage the power of pen and paper as open, participatory tools in the research analysis process.

    —Huffduffed by boxman