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  1. Vinay London July 29 2015

    Conversation between Vinay Gupta and James Burke about Blockchain, Ethereum, Politics and what is on Vinay's mind.

    1:00 "The Republicans were right" 3:50 Homelessness 4:30 Ethereum launch : programming the blockchain 5:55 Smart contracts 8:40 What does Ethereum do, who will use it? 9:25 Ogre: A prediction market 11:14 Providence: supply chain tracking of goods 11:50 The Blockchain & transforming music : Imogen Heap 13:40 Which areas of Ethereum are seeing the most interest by outside parties? Bankers… 14:42 Blockchains are the 3rd wave of fundamental technology 15:54 Blockchain speed

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  2. Adrian Hon: A History of the Future in 100 Objects - The Long Now

    Thinking about the future is so hard and so important that any trick to get some traction is a boon. Adrian Hon’s trick is to particularize. What thing would manifest a whole future trend the way museum objects manifest important past trends?

    Building on the pattern set by the British Museum’s great book, A History of the World in 100 Objects, Hon imagines 100 future objects that would illuminate transformative events in technology, politics, sports, justice, war, science, entertainment, religion, and exploration over the course of this century. The javelin that won victory for the last baseline human to compete successfully in the Paralympic Games for prosthetically enhanced athletes. The “Contrapuntal Hack” of 02031 that massively and consequentially altered computerized records so subtly that the changes were undetected. The empathy drug and targeted virus treatment that set off the Christian Consummation Movement.

    Adrian Hon is author of the new book, A History of the Future in 100 Objects, and CEO and founder of Six to Start, creators of the hugely successful smartphone fitness game “Zombies, Run!” His background is in neuroscience at Oxford and Cambridge.

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  3. The Internet of Things

    A largely extemporary presentation on the Internet of Things; I got into a theme on the first slide and more or less stayed for for the full 40 minutes so there is new material in here. I also argued, somewhat polemically against over structured approaches to complex issues, mentioning SAP, Sharepoint, Sick Stigma and SAFe along the way. So sensitive soles might want to avoid this on. I want to develop some of this material over future presentation so expect more.

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  4. Tom Armitage on CBC Radio

    "This afternoon, I interviewed Tom Armitage. He's a software designer who recently came to our attention because of a talk he gave recently, called "If Gamers Ran the World." In it, he puts forth the idea that in another 10 years, leaders who are the same age as Barack Obama or British Conservative Party leader David Cameron are now, will be children of the 1970s, and as such, more than likely the first leaders who grew up with video games as a core part of their way of interact with the world around them. What would that mean for how they would behave as leaders? A shorter version of this interview airs on the Jan 7th and 10th episode of Spark" —

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  5. The Bottom Line with Evan Davis – 15 Nov 2012

    Planet New – the world of wonderfully innovative ideas that give rise to new products. There are many arguments about how to solve the world’s economic problems. But if there’s one solution that most will agree on it’s that we need more new products to drive capitalism and make us richer. Evan Davis and guests discuss the importance of innovation for the global economy and the impediments to this kind of creativity. They also swap thoughts on the ‘pivot’ – when to change your mind in business.

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  6. Making Friends: On Toys and Toymaking — dConstruct Audio Archive

    Toys are not idle knick-knacks: they allow us to explore otherwise impossible terrain; fire the imagination; provide sparks for structured play. They do not just entertain and delight; they stimulate and inspire. And always, they remind us of the value - and values - to be found in abstract play.

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