Spieler, Störer, Grenzverletzer – Besetzen Hacker den letzten Raum für gesellschaftliche Utopien?

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  1. The Zen of the Hacker

    An inquiry into the conditions under which hacker culture thrives, the curiously American quality of hacker culture, and the evolving challenges for preservation of the hacker ecosystem.

    —Huffduffed by adewale

  2. Building Hacker Spaces Everywhere: Your Excuses are Invalid

    "Four people can start a sustainable hacker space. Whether you're in an urban area where space is expensive, in the middle of BFE where finding four people is hard, or just outside of an active war zone in Uganda, there are few excuses left for not joining the global hacker space movement with a place of your own. This talk will cover the ten most often heard excuses for not building a hacker space and how existing hacker spaces, fab labs, co-working spaces, and other tech-oriented "third spaces" have solved them."

    —Huffduffed by adewale

  3. Hacker Space Design Patterns

    How do you get a hacker space started? How do you manage it once you have a space? This talk presents wisdom collected over a decade of building sustainable hacker spaces in Germany. Through "design patterns," Jens and Pylon will cover the essentials of assembling an initial group, finding the perfect location, and managing the community. Earlier versions of this talk have inspired the creation of the U.S. hacker spaces NYCResistor and HacDC. This version will inspire and help you create a hacker space where you live!

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  4. DEF CON 21 - Mudge - Unexpected Stories From a Hacker Inside the Government - YouTube

    Unexpected Stories From a Hacker Who Made it Inside the Government by Peiter Mudge Zatko Having had the opportunity to see things from within the hacker comm…


    —Huffduffed by jeffhammett