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  1. Six Colors podcast from WWDC

    Every week (ish) Six Colors members can hear a podcast where Dan and I discuss the issues of the week in a fun, casual format. This week we recorded outside in San Jose for WWDC and I’m making the mp3 available to everyone. If you enjoy it, consider subscribing to Six Colors! You’ll get access to the podcast feed and also a monthly email newsletter with exclusive content.

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  2. Listen to Andy Kindler’s State of the Industry Address From Just For Laughs 2017

    Just For Laughs is the biggest comedy festival in the world, with more fantastic shows in a week than most cities get in a year. It's also the premier trade show for the comedy industry, bringing together comedy professionals from all parts of the business. For many of them, the highlight of the festival every year isn't any show or panel; it's the annual State of the Industry Address from Andy Kindler, the veteran stand-up who isn't afraid to call the business out in scathing (and hilarious) fashion. Nobody's safe from Kindler's invective, not the networks, the power brokers, his fellow comedians, or even the audiences. His intentions are pure and vital, though: to keep comedy honest, to keep comedy from getting too complacent or too enamored with its own bullshit, to hopefully preserve whatever power it might have. Kindler's latest address wrapped up earlier today in Montreal, and you can hear it right here at Paste. We don't want to spoil any of it, so just hit play to find out how comedy has failed in the past 12 months. (And hey, Ricky Gervais fans, thanks for checking us out.)

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  3. Encryption, Privacy Are Larger Issues Than Fighting Terrorism, Clarke Says : NPR

    David Greene talks to former national security official Richard Clarke about the fight between Apple and the FBI. The FBI wants an iPhone that was used by one of the San Bernardino shooters unlocked.

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