Aral Balkan — The Art of Emotional Design

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  1. Aral Balkan - Free is a Lie - Thinking Digital 2014

    At Thinking Digital 2013, Aral Balkan delivered the most watched and favourited Thinking Digital talk of all time.

    In 2014, Aral returned to Thinking Digital to deliver a blistering talk about the state of the Internet today. He argues that "free is a lie" and that we (via our personal data) are all being quietly farmed for profit by the superpowers of the Web.

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  2. The Art of the User Experience: making beautiful, delightful, fun things – Aral Balkan

    We are the makers of the new everyday things. We design and develop the virtual pens, telephones, newspapers, calendars, and door-handles that people interact with every single day. We are the virtual architects and the products that we design and develop have the power to determine whether people have a good day or a bad day.

    In this session, Aral Balkan will outline the important role that user experience design plays in the making of virtual products and inspire you to see that it is your job – regardless of whether you make web sites, mobile apps, intranet systems, or ticket machines – to make this new world that we are crafting together not only usable and accessible but beautiful, fun, inspiring, pleasurable, delightful, and – dare I say – magical.


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  3. OTN Community Cast LIVE Øredev 2016 Devops and Developers with Aral Balkan

    Aral is an activist and designer and creator of the Ethical Design Manifesto. In this conversation at Øredev 2016 where he had given the keynote, Aral discusses our relationship to technology, data and the power of free. Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this interview are the guests own and do not reflect the view of Oracle Corporation.

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  4. Spark 237: Connected Cars. Smart Homes. Solving the Password Problem. Playable Cities. Indie Tech.

    Pete Nowak on tech trends at CES. Matt Novak on retro CES. Bob Burrows on connected cars. Dan Misener and Anil Somayaji on solving the password problem. Clare Reddington on the playable city. Aral Balkan on indie tech.

    Will 2014 be the year of the indie tech revolution? Aral Balkan is an experience designer who says we'll see a boom in indie tech this year: software and devices that offer great user experience and give you control of your data.

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  5. Power to the People #1: Aral Balkan - Ethical design & Democracy

    Livestream recording 2016-01-21 - "Imperfection might be the price for democracy." - Evgeny Morozov “We become what we behold. We shape our tools and then our tools shape us” - Marshall McLuhan One of the most influential factors in shaping our digital era is the way we design it. As our world is rapidly changing, we need to digitally translate our constitutional checks and balances and make sure that our civil liberties as citizens will be protected. Are our governments well equipped enough to succeed in this? Do we trust that global corporations will respect our civil rights? What responsibility to actively protect civil liberties ourselves do we have as citizens have in this day and age? Tonight we will investigate these matters as part of our ongoing 'Power to The People'-project in which we explore how civil liberties can be protected in a digital world. Keynote speaker is In.die's Aral Balkan who will speak on ethical design, democracy and civil liberties. The core of his message will be animated and will serve as a conversation-starter on these matters in Dutch classrooms later this year. Moderator: Eelco Bosch van Rosenthal Speaking language: English. This video is also at: NEDERLANDS: Power to The People wordt mede mogelijk gemaakt door Stichting Democratie & Media. d…

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