THIS WEEK ON The Monitor we’re getting a little nostalgic.

It’s not that we’re talking about the pleasures of old, mind you. It’s just that a lot of things dominating our entertainment landscape right now remind us of bygone days. Vacation didn’t live up to the National Lampoon’s movies of yesteryear, and didn’t even make $15 million in its opening weekend. Meanwhile, Netflix dropped Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp on Friday and our love of the series—and the movie that came before it—is immeasurable. Oh, and we’re still waiting for Frank Ocean to drop his new record so we can stop spinning Nostalgia, Ultra and crying sad tears.

We’ve got editors and contributors Jordan Crucchiola, Peter Rubin, K.M. McFarland, and Angela Watercutter back from camp and cracking wise. Check ‘em out below.

Here are a few helpful links for things we talk about in the podcast:

-K.M. McFarland’s piece on the new Netflix series Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp -Angela Watercutter’s story on the Tom Cruise and Simon Pegg bromance in Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation -The mysterious site probably/possibly tied to Frank Ocean’s new album -The New York Times Magazine story on the Weeknd