Adrian Tomine interview on the Bat Segundo Show

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  1. RiYL podcast 027: cartoonist Peter Bagge - Boing Boing

    In this episode of Recommended if You Like, a conversation with Peter Bagge, the Harvey Award–winning author of the ’90s alt-comic "Hate."

    We met at Seattle’s Whisky Bar and discussed the life of Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, who is the subject of a new

    biography by Bagge,

    "Rebel Woman."

    And previously in Boing Boing podcasts: Mark’s Gweek interview with Bagge, in which the cartoonist shares his take on a number of interesting books and records on the Boing Boing radar.

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  2. Get Illuminated, Ep. 01. Douglas Rushkoff

    In Episode 1 of Boing Boing’s Get Illuminated, we interviewed cultural critic and author Doug Rushkoff. He talked about the renewed interest in Timothy Leary and Aleister Crowley, let us in on the plot of the new comic he’s writing for Vertigo comics, and talked about the book he’s been waiting all his life to write.

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  3. Apps for Kids 33: - Boing Boing

    Apps for Kids is Boing Boing’s podcast about cool smartphone apps for kids and parents. My co-host is my 9-year-old daughter, Jane Frauenfelder.

    In this episode of Apps for Kids, we talk about an online makers’ club app for iOS called It’s free in the iTune store.

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