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  1. Allie Brosh, Author of ‘Hyperbole And A Half’ | NPR

    On her Hyperbole and a Half blog, Allie Brosh writes stories about her life illustrated with a “very precise crudeness”. Most are lighthearted — about her dog or her favorite grammatical mistake (“a lot” vs. “alot”) — but her most popular posts have also been the most upsetting, about her crippling depression.

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  2. Lexplaining - Unprofessional - Mule Radio Syndicate


    Episode 62

    October 17, 2013



    with Faith Korpi

    Faith Korpi triumphantly returns to chat with Lex and Dave about listening to podcasts and spoiling TV shows.

    Sponsored by

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    Websites we mention:

    Faith on Twitter: @faitherina

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