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  1. John Linnell on NPR’s All Things Considered, 12/10/1999

    Noah speaks with John Linnell, one half of the group "They Might Be Giants," about his first solo album, "State Songs." {Zoe Records} The album contains 15 songs named after states, and describes interesting, if fictional, characteristics of the various states. For example, he sings "Montana was a leg," and "Oregon is bad, stop it if you can." Linnell uses a wide variety of musical styles, and employs a carousel organ for four of the songs.

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  2. ABC RN - The myth of gender essentialism

    Do hormones maketh the man, and the woman? Testosterone makes men tall and deeper voiced, but is it also the cause of male aggression? Cordelia Fine rejects the notion that gender differences are somehow biologically determined. She speaks to Paul Barclay.

    Recorded at the Bendigo Writers Festival, 11 August. 2018

    Original broadcast date: 6 September, 2018


    Cordelia Fine - author, psychologist, feminist, Professor of History and Philosophy of Science, University of Melbourne

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  3. ABC RN Life Matters - What’s it like as a woman in the Australian music scene?

    Tuesday 8 May 2018 9:27AM

    It’s pretty hard to ‘make it’ as a professional in popular music, especially in Australia, where the market is smaller than many other countries and fiercely competitive.

    This is even more true if you’re a woman.

    Women make up about half of all students in music schools in Australia, but in the industry, it’s the reverse — more men work as recording artists and record label executives. Men also receive the vast majority of royalties paid by the Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA).

    So where do all the women go?

    Her Sound, Her Story is a documentary that features Australian female artists.

    Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore - the film’s director - and Dallas Frasca, a rock artist for over 20 years, discuss what it feels like and what it means to succeed in music.

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