Avoid This TRAP With Your Time Management System

Cal Newport explains the trap to avoid with your time management system. Time management systems needs a multiple day outlook.

It's imperative to be realistic with your weekly plan. The weekly plan is not a storing device of tasks.

Don't make your time management system a wish list. This is the trap.

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0:00 Cal's intro 0:33 Scale of planning 2:00 Jesse and Cal talk about weekly plans 3:40 Slow Productivity 5:40 Devilish burst of pleasure

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­čö┤Visit Cal's BLOG and website: https://bit.ly/3luGhca ­čö┤Check out Cal's books: https://bit.ly/3ppaafc

About Cal Newport: Cal Newport is a computer science professor at Georgetown University. In addition to his academic research, he writes about the intersection of digital technology and culture. Cal's particularly interested in our struggle to deploy these tools in ways that support instead of subvert the things we care about in both our personal and professional lives.

Cal is a New York Times bestselling author of seven books, including, most recently, A World Without Email, Digital Minimalism, and Deep Work. He's also the creator of The Time-Block Planner.

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