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  1. 5by5 | Back to Work #1: Alligator in the Bathroom

    In the inaugural episode of Back to Work, Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin discuss why they’re doing this show, getting back to work instead of buying berets, the lizard brain, and compare the Shadow of the Mouse to San Francisco, and eventually get to some p

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  2. The Stalman Podcast Episode 39: Real Computers, with Myke Hurley

    Working on the iPad Pro, Myke’s adventures in video, and why we choose Apple.

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  3. #BLOCKCON - Day 2 (Oct 11) - Fireside Chat: Nassim Nicholas Taleb & Naval Ravikant

    Fireside Chat: Nassim Nicholas Taleb & Naval Ravikant Join the conversation:

    Original video:
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  4. Jocko Podcast 56 w/ Peter Attia - Overcoming Stress, Sleep Deprivation, and The Darkness

    Join the Conversation on Twitter: @jockowillink @peterattiaMD @echocharles

    0:00:00 - Opening - "The Corner"

    0:08:55 - Peter Attia Intro

    0:11:03 - Beginnings Of Peter Attia. From Mechanical Engineering & Math to Medicine.

    0:20:02 - Johns Hopkins Hospital and turmoil.

    0:27:24 - Addiction to Pain-killers

    0:39:53 - Sleep Deprivation

    0:52:03 - Desensitized to the horrors of the Hospital VS Emotional attachments to patients.

    1:09:01 - Surprising Negatives and Positives about Human Nature.

    1:16:36 - Peter Attia Self Reflection and Lessons learned.

    1:30:21 - Frustration and Fighting the system. Then leaving.

    1:41:45 - Switching to Consulting

    1:56:09 - Health, Nutrition and Lifestyle

    2:20:34 - Final Thoughts

    2:26:20 - Interesting Support stuff. Onnit Supplements, Jocko Store, Amazon Click-Through , Psychological Warfare on iTunes.

    2:37:09 - Jocko White Tea, Extreme Ownership Muster 002

    2:42:57 - Final Gratitude and Closing

    Original video:
    Downloaded by on Sat, 17 Nov 2018 16:38:36 GMT Available for 30 days after download

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  5. 209: Ex Machina: Corporations and Canals — The Critical Path — Overcast

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  6. 21 - Patrick Collison has a Few Questions for Tyler (Live at Stripe)

    A few months ago, Tyler asked Patrick Collison, CEO of Stripe, to be on the show. Patrick agreed, but only under the condition that the be the one to do the interviewing. Thus, what follows is the conversation Patrick wanted to have with Tyler, not the one you wanted to have.

    Happily Patrick stayed true to the spirit of Conversations with Tyler, and their dialogue covers a wide range of topics including the the benefits of diverse monocultures, the state of macroeconomics, Donald Trump, the amazing economics faculty at GMU, Peter Thiel, Brian Eno, Thomas Schelling, why Twitter is underrated, and — most pressing of all — why Marginal Revolution is so strange looking.

    Transcript and links:

    Follow Patrick Collison:

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  7. Netflix’s Reed Hastings in Culture Shock

    I believe strong company cultures only emerge when every employee feels they own the culture — and this begins even before the first job interview. CEO Reed Hastings has built an adaptive, high-performing culture at NetFlix by being unabashedly upfront about who they are and who they aren’t. The company’s famous “culture deck” offers a 100-slide description of how NetFlix sees itself — not a “family” but a high performing sports team. It won’t appeal to everyone — and that’s the point. If you can define your culture tightly, while also resonating deeply with a diverse group of employees, you have a winning formula.

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  8. Escape the Competition w/ PayPal’s Peter Thiel

    If you want to grow your business, your goal isn’t to beat the competition — it’s to escape the competition altogether. No one knows this better than Paypal founder Peter Thiel. “Competition is for losers,” he’s been known to say. Thiel is a former colleague, frequent co-investor and long-time intellectual sparring partner with Host Reid Hoffman. Their combined thinking on the competitive landscape is unmissable.

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  9. BONUS: Seven Lesser Known Laws of Leadership

    The Masters of Scale team brings you a special blend of leadership tips from season one guests — including clips we haven’t aired yet. In this bonus episode, we’ll share our favorite insights from Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Y Combinator’s Sam Altman, Zynga’s Mark Pincus and more.


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  10. clicking here

    Negotiation expert Chris Voss, former lead international kidnapping negotiator for the FBI and author of the excellent book, Never Split the Difference, offers some hands-on negotiation training.

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