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  1. 128: The Issue of Trust with Joel Anderson

    Joel Anderson, research lecturer in Philosophy at Utrecht in the Netherlands, joins me to talk about tagging. It's a nerdy subject that a lot of non-nerds are asking about these days, and one that I personally find fascinating. I hope you'll enjoy hearing two people who've dedicated time and research to the topic debate the major benefits and pitfalls of tag-based systems!

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    Joel Anderson

    Joel Anderson on Twitter

    Joel Anderson at Utrecht

    Tags or folders? Depends on the file.

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  2. Steven Strogatz: The Joy Of X : NPR

    In The Joy of X: A Guided Tour of Math, from One to Infinity, mathematician Steven Strogatz provides an entertaining refresher course in math, starting with the most elementary ideas, such as counting, and finishing with mind-bending theories of infinity—including the idea that some infinities can be bigger than others.

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