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  1. Pianoforte – Chilly Gonzales – Viertausendhertz | Das Podcastlabel

    Chilly Gonzales is a world famous pianist, composer and as he ironically calls himself musical genius.

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  2. NTMY - Episode 13 - Simone Giertz

    Simone Giertz builds shitty robots. That’s not an insult. She calls herself the Queen of Shitty Robots and she’s actually a hilarious mastermind. Watch her YouTube videos then listen to our conversation about comedy, commitment issues and her strange immunity to haters.

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  3. SE-Radio Episode 261: David Heinemeier Hansson on the State of Rails, Monoliths, and More : Software Engineering Radio

    SE-Radio Episode 261: David Heinemeier Hansson on the State of Rails, Monoliths, and More

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    by SE-Radio

    on June 28, 2016


    David Heinemeier Hansson, creator of the Ruby on Rails framework and a partner at the software development company Basecamp, talks to Stefan Tilkov about the state of Ruby on Rails and its suitability for long-term development. He addresses some of its common criticisms, such as perceived usefulness for only simple problems, claimed lack of scalability, and increasing complexity. David also talks about the downsides of building JavaScript-centric, “sophisticated” web UIs, and why he prefers well-structured, “majestic” monoliths to microservices.

    Venue: Internet

    Related Links:

    David’s Twitter: @dhh

    David’s website,

    Ruby on Rails website,

    Basecamp website,

    Rails 5.0 Beta announcement,

    ActionCable (Websocket support for Rails), 5 application,

    The Majestic Monolith blog post, Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

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  4. 006 - James Edward Gray II Makes Ruby Do Whatever He Wants It To

    James joins us to share his story of how he got into programming, and his journey through the world of Ruby and Rails over the past 10+ years. He tells you what he does when he gets stuck, how to get past the newbie freak out, and how to adopt an effective problem-solving mindset. He also shares his thoughts on the less code movement, and how to find a community of practice that will help you become a better developer.

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  5. Computeralgorithmen - Alles nur Berechnung?

    Computeralgorithmen sind überall und regieren unseren Alltag. Sie filtern Nachrichtenströme für uns und entscheiden, was wir wissen. Sie berechnen, welcher Partner zu uns passen könnte und beeinflussen, mit wem wir ausgehen. Aktuelle Sachbücher beleuchten dieses brisante Thema.

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