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  1. Six Colors podcast from WWDC

    Every week (ish) Six Colors members can hear a podcast where Dan and I discuss the issues of the week in a fun, casual format. This week we recorded outside in San Jose for WWDC and I’m making the mp3 available to everyone. If you enjoy it, consider subscribing to Six Colors! You’ll get access to the podcast feed and also a monthly email newsletter with exclusive content.

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  2. The Incomparable | Event Crisis (Episode 21)

    Comic Book Club returns with a discussion of comic-book “special events,” and why they are (in most cases) amazingly disappointing. We discuss our favorite and least-favorite events, from Crisis on Infinite Earths to Civil War to that time that Superman fought Spider-Man.

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  3. 125: Long, Hot Showers with Merlin Mann

    Brett discusses the notion of high-temperature water immersion as a

    treatment for sleep disorder and creative blocks with Merlin Mann.

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  4. Bonus Track | The Compleat “Human Santapede” (Episode 173z)

    This is the full recording session for Episode 173, from which the episode and the After Dark were fashioned. If you’re curious about what an episode sounds like before it’s edited by Jason (the edit took him about five hours), here’s an extreme example. Most episodes aren’t edited this heavily, but (as you’ll hear) this one was a mess.

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  5. 8: Fire Everything!

    Your browser does not support the audio element.

    Lex is on vacation (or are we on vacation from Lex?) so we've got admitted Canadian Guy English stepping in this week. We think you'll be pleased with the results, but also happy to have Lex back next week because we spend the first half of the show talking about comic books. This is a thing that happens on technology podcasts.

    Check out the extended trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron before you give this episode a listen. You can also review Marvel's six-year plan and DC's six-year plan, which ends with a triumphant do-over of Green Lantern.

    About half way in we turn from the technological topic of killer robots to the topic of the Apple Watch. This week saw rumors that the stainless version will be $500 while the gold version will cost "if you have to ask you can't afford it." Also this week brought a slip by Angela Ahrendts about the Apple Watch coming in "spring."

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  6. 18: Permission to Kill Thanos

    Marvel announced their movie slate through 2019, and it's full of

    characters that you may not know very well. John and Moisés blow through a

    ton of rapid-fire reading recommendations to the extent we can predict (or

    not) what parts of comic lore the movies will use. We've got five years of

    reading ahead of us, so pace yourself.

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    of many vintage "Volume 1" Giant Size interviews that are finally

    making their way into the Artist Edition feed.

    • Test Pattern 18: post-show musings and idle speculation full of

    spoilers for Marvel's Infinity Gauntlet.

    • Giant Size Origins 4: Taste the Hulk Rainbow was the first full

    episode of the show that you now know as Giant Size that John and

    Moisés did together.


    • IDW Publishing: Edward Scissorhands (written by Kate Leth) and 

    TMNT/Ghostbusters are both selling good and fast. Check them both



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