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  1. Unleashing Londoners’ imagination

    In this Open House special episode we will be talking about how imagination — such as myths which celebrate our real or fictional past — can transform how we see the city around us, and in turn create better places for everyone.

    Specifically we will be focussing on Seething Wells in Surbiton, a large former waterworks which played a pioneering role in the delivery of clean drinking water to central London, and was a focus of Jon Snow’s groundbreaking cholera study which created modern epidemiology.

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  2. Flight Assist Podcast – The Elite Dangerous Podcast Nav-Locked on CMDRs and Communities

    Are you an Elite: Dangerous CMDR looking for an insightful, refreshing, positive, and entertaining take on the galaxy? Flight Assist gives you just that. Every week, we interview a different CMDRs, community leader, player organization, or content creator, learning who they are, what they do, and why they do it. It’s inspiration and motivation for you to start that next expedition, jump into the next fight, make the next trade, and take the next steps. Flight Assist is ON.

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