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  1. Terence Tao on the Beauty of Prime Numbers

    Former child prodigy Terence Tao has become one of the world's greatest living mathematicians. At 24 he became the youngest person ever appointed full professor at UCLA, and at the tender age of 31 he was awarded mathematics' highest honour, the Fields Medal.

    Back in his childhood home of Australia, he visited the ANU to deliver this fascinating talk about one of his favourite subjects, prime numbers.

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  2. Radiolab - It might be Science

    They Might Be Giants just came out with a new album, “Here Comes Science.” So we invited them to come play with us at our season launch party last week at the Water Taxi Beach in Queens. And then we ambushed them with annoying little questions about science and about the tricky business of turning science into entertainment … because of that whole, you know, “getting the facts right” thing. On this podcast, we decided to share this magical evening with those of you who weren’t able to join us live. Hope you enjoy the music, pesky science teachers, and miasmas of plasma.


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  3. This Week in Science - 05 May, 2009

    from This Week in Science - The Kickass Science Podcast by Kirsten Sanford Remote Control Brains, Making Blood Crawl, Birdsong Basics, This Week in Science History, Drink To Your Sanity, and an Interview with Dr. Leonard Mlodinow re: The Drunkard’s Walk.

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  4. Ze Frank Conversation: The Creative Lifestyle

    Expressing yourself. Telling stories. Playing games. Connecting with others. It's what the Web is for, but too often we focus on the latest trendy technology meme or e-commerce scheme' and forget that the Internet is really a sandbox for engagement, fun, and participation. Pioneering Web maker ze frank will sit down for a conversation with Scott Kirsner, author of the book Fans, Friends & Followers, to talk about being creative in the digital age ' and earning a living at it.

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  5. Storytelling: How narratives shape our reality, ideas and behaviour

    Ever since its emergence, humanity has cultivated the art of telling stories, an art that is everywhere at the heart of the social bond. But since the 1990s, first in the US and then in Europe, this art has been colonized by the domain of public relations and triumphant capitalism, and relabelled with the anodyne name of storytelling.

    This has become a weapon in the hands of marketing, management and political gurus, so as to better format the minds of consumers and citizens. Behind the advertising campaigns, but also in the shadows of victorious electoral campaigns from Bush to Sarkozy and Obama hide sophisticated storytelling management or digital storytelling technicians.

    Join author and researcher Christian Salmon as he unveils the mechanics of a storytelling machine, far more effective than Orwellian visions of totalitarian society. The subject that it wants to create is a bewitched individual, immersed in a fictive universe that filters perceptions, stimulates feelings and frames behaviour and ideas.,-ideas-and-behaviour

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  6. Colin Marshall talks to Merlin Mann

    Merlin Mann is a writer, speaker, blogger, podcaster and student of the creative mind. He's the creator of 43Folders, a popular web site devoted to time, attention and creative work, as well as the man behind such varied projects as The Merlin Show, Kung Fu Grippe, 5ives, the 43Folders podcast, one-third of the crazy-successful comedy podcast You Look Nice Today, and lord knows what else. He's also currently working on his first book, Inbox Zero. Colin Marshall originally conducted this conversation on the public radio program and podcast The Marketplace of Ideas.


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