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  1. Jeremy Keith — Hijax

    Hijax is all about apply ing pro gres sive enhance ment to Ajax. In the Hijax model, JavaScript isn’t used for advanced inten sive pro cess ing. Instead, the XMLHttpRequest object acts like a dumb waiter, pass ing infor ma tion back wards and for wards between the client and the server. By hijack ing the reg u lar func tion al ity and replac ing it with an enhanced Ajax ver sion, you can be assured that your web site will work with or with­out Ajax.

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  2. Aaron Gustafson — Learning to love forms

    Forms. We all have to make ‘em, but few of us love ‘em. Aaron Gustafson believes that this is because we don’t under stand them. In this ses sion, we will explore forms from top to bot tom, exam in ing how they work and how their com po nents can be incor po­rated with other ele ments to max i mize acces si bil ity, improve seman tics, and allow for more flex i ble styling. You’ll get to see the com plete pic ture with forms, includ ing error, warn ing and for mat ting mes sages, styling and its impli ca tions, as well as best prac tices for manip u la tion with Javascript and Ajax.

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  3. Jeremy Keith on Ajax design considerations

    Jeremy Keith from Clearleft discusses his session at 2008’s UI13 conference called Ajax Design Considerations that Tim attended. What do UX professionals need to know about Ajax to best make use of it in websites and web applications? And why is Jeremy’s title at Clearleft currently "Lineman for the County"?

    From http://www.designcritique.net/index.php?post_id=531611

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