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  1. The Podcast Digest #35: The Incomparable Jason Snell

    Jason Snell, one of the preeminent writers and podcasters in the Technology world, joins me for a wonderful discussion of his podcasting and a couple of the innovative things he is trying, the start up of "Upgrade" on Relay FM, some of the wild editing challenges he faces, and a few behind the scenes stories of covering Apple over the years. Jason also recommends some of his favorite non-technology podcasts that he loves!


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  2. Defocused - Defocused Podcast

    This week we discuss the 80s cult classic Real Genius (1985) with Chris Knight super-fan Jason Snell.

    Links for this episode:

    Jason Snell (@jsnell) | Twitter

    Six Colors: Apple, technology, and other stuff from Jason Snell and Friends

    The Incomparable | “I Drank What?” (Episode 33)

    Real Genius (1985) - IMDb

    Real Genius - Wikipedia

    Real Genius Shirts | Found Item Clothing

    [MP3]: Ep. 31: "I Like a Good Montage" with Jason Snell



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  3. Hugos There Podcast #6: The Diamond Age (feat. Jason Snell) – Hugos There Podcast

    This time Seth is joined by Jason Snell, head honcho at The Incomparable, and they discuss Neal Stephenson’s The Diamond Age, winner of the 1996 Hugo Award. Huge thanks to Jason for taking some time out of his incredibly busy schedule (he recorded two other podcasts the same day he did this) to drop by.…


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  4. Random Trek | “Critical Care” (VOY) with Jason Snell (Episode 148)

    Jason Snell, head honcho of the Incomparable network, joins Scott to discuss VOY’s “Critical Care” (S7E5). Topics include the fact that neither Jason nor Scott had seen this episode before, healthcare, if the Doctor is a robot (or not), and Tuvok’s poor job performance.


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