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  1. MGG 578: Like Darth Vader, He’s Altering The Deal - Mac Geek Gab Podcast - The Mac Observer

    Making your new Apple TV work for you, Migrating iPhoto and Photos libraries, crashing Finders, Terminal tips and making sense of your swap space are the questions your two favorite geeks address and answer for you today. On top of that, some listener-submitted Cool Stuff Found rounds out the show!

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  2. 156: iPad Pro Hands On | Out of School

    Bradley is back from paternity leave to discuss the iPad Pro hands on that Fraser got at an Apple event in London. They discuss the hardware, iOS 9 on a larger screen, and the much discussed Apple Pen and Keyboard. If you enjoy the show, please consider leaving a rating or a review on iTunes.…

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  3. 5by5 | The Ihnatko Almanac #67: God Is Great, Markdown Is Okay, “Family Guy” Stinks

    It’s the long-awaited "all listener questions" episode. What’s Andy’s favorite camera, author, and book? Why does he prefer rich text editors to markdown? And what was the episode of "Family Guy" that finally allowed his disrespect to blossom into full-fo

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  4. Ad Blocking in Apple’s iOS 9

    Hello! This week, Jay Yarow(Business Insider), Farhad Manjoo(New York Times) and Casey Johnston(Wirecutter) talk about ad blocking coming to the iPhone and how this will effect the future of the web.

    Produced by Kirsten Frisina.

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  5. Jon Stewart On His ‘Daily Show’ Run: ‘It So Far Exceeded My Expectations’ : NPR

    As Stewart says goodbye, Fresh Air replays parts of interviews with the host. "I don’t know that there will ever be anything that I will ever be as well-suited for," he said.

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  6. #183 - Ex Baltimore Police Officer | Dogma Debate w/ David Smalley | Spreaker

    Stephanie Guttormson and

    her lawyer talk about a lawsuit filed against her, Phil Ferguson stops…

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  7. Edge Cases - Old Apple Meets New Apple

    A weekly podcast about software development by Andrew Pontious and Wolf Rentzsch.

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  8. Episode 85: “Splitting Bits with Daniel Jalkut”

    We welcome Daniel Jalkut of Red Sweater Software to talk about the need for the Mac, the death of Instacast, and Apple Music.LinksWhy Apple Should Kill Off the MacNo, WSJ, Apple shouldn’t kill off the MacMobile is a FadInstacast Podcast App Has Been DiscontinuedNo, CNN, Apple Music Will not Sound WorsePicks of the WeekDaniel: The Long WintersKirk: Gadget Review: Dyson Air Multiplier (Fan)Ian: The Goonies


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  9. Unjustly Maligned | “Star Trek: Voyager” with Brianna Wu (Episode 16)

    Game designer Brianna Wu joins Antony to convince him “Star Trek: Voyager” is unjustly maligned, explain why the world just wasn’t ready for feminist Trek, and why Seven of Nine is actually the best character in the whole franchise.

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  10. AAC Version

    You have questions about Apple’s new Photos app and John and Dave have your answers. The answers are not always easy and not always exactly what you want, but your two favorite geeks will get you there as smoothly as possible. Also some fun (and geeky!) discussion of typing filenames (with spaces, no less) from the Terminal, as well as dealing with pesky WiFi signup screens when traveling. Oh, and Dave got his Apple Watch, too. All this and more!

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