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  1. Social Entrepreneurship for the Kingdom | URBANA STUDENT MISSIONS CONFERENCE

    Learn the key steps in starting a for-profit, social business that can expand God’s kingdom in places of poverty. Hear about Business as Mission companies creating social, spiritual impact by operating in the global economy and pursuing financial sustainability through goods and services, rather than donations.

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  2. David Letterman - The Howard Stern Show

    From The Howard Stern Show (08-16-17) - David Letterman

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  3. The Gospel and Your Wealth | Redeemer Sermons

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    Dr. Timothy Keller

    Sunday, November 6, 2005

    Malachi 3:1-4, 8-10;4:1-6

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    Money will always reveal what you truly worship. As God’s money managers, we are called to share the money he has provided to us with those who do not have as much. However, money exercises great power over us and we are often oblivious to this power. If you feel unable to part with your wealth, meditate upon the radical generosity of Christ on the cross and he will become the treasure of your heart.

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