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  1. Free City Radio: Interview - Reporting n US Military Drones

    From the FREE CITY RADIO site

    Military drone strikes operating under the military policy of the Obama administration is targeting people in Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen and Afghanistan, leading to hundreds, if not thousands, of deaths over past years.

    Listen to an interview with Cora Currier a journalist reporting on the U.S. military drone program. This interview speaks to the growing political debates around U.S. drone strikes and also to the lack of transparency around the generally classified drone program. Journalists in the U.S. and internationally working to follow, investigate and report on the drone strikes most often face official denials or silence in response to critical questions.

    The Bureau of Investigative Journalism estimates that 407 to 926 civilians have been killed since 2004 in Pakistan, while the Pakistani government says the number is between 400 and 600. The United States says information on civilian deaths is "classified".

    By not acknowledging civilian deaths or releasing details of the strikes, the U.S. government makes it impossible for families of civilians killed by drones to receive compensation, according to Amnesty International.

    (A child’s drawing from Waziristan shows both the drones up above and the Taliban below. - Photo: Pam Bailey)

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  2. Cora Currier Interview on WORT 89.9

    FROM WORT 89.9 Website:

    "On Wednesday, November 28, our host Jan Miyasaki speaks with Cora Currier, an investigative reporter at ProPublica, about her latest piece: “Why the U.S. Won’t Allow a Dying Iranian Sociologist to Join His Family.” Iranian sociologist Dr. Rahmatollah Sedigh Sarvestani, who is suffering from terminal cancer, wishes to join his family in the U.S., but is unable to because his visa request was denied. The rejection was due to “activity relating to espionage or sabotage,” a claim to which the family is shocked. It was only in the 1970s that the doctor was involved in pro-Iranian demonstrations; since then, he has actually voiced his protest against the government. It is uncertain as to why Dr. Sarvestani’s visa has been denied at this point, since he has been allowed into the U.S. since the 1970s."


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  3. The Leonard Lopate Show — David Foster Wallace

    David Foster Wallace may have written other books, but he really first made a mark in the literary scene with his 1,079-page, three-pound-three-ounce novel, Infinite Jest. Jay McInerney called it “something like a sleek Vonnegut chassis wrapped in layers of post-millennial Zola.” David Foster Wallace had been teaching at Pomona College when he died on Friday, September 12, 2008. He discussed Infinite Jest in 1996 with Leonard.

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  4. Longform Podcast #38: Ted Conover

    Ted Conover is the author of five books and the recent Harper’s article "The Way of All Flesh."

    "My identity is a rubber band. It can stretch that way and it can stretch this way. When I get home it goes mostly back into the shape it’s been, but not completely. And it’s that not completely that is interesting and makes me who I am."

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  5. Sound of Young America w Jesse Thorn: Mike Birbiglia

    Mike Birbiglia is a standup comic who in 2002 became one of the youngest comics ever to appear on "Late Night with David Letterman." He’s parlayed his wildly succesful "Secret Public Journal," which collects true stories from his life, into a new special, called "What I Should Have Said Was Nothing." Bonus: Mike talks with me about the CBS pilot he recently shot (MP3).

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  6. Colin Marshall talks to Merlin Mann

    Merlin Mann is a writer, speaker, blogger, podcaster and student of the creative mind. He’s the creator of 43Folders, a popular web site devoted to time, attention and creative work, as well as the man behind such varied projects as The Merlin Show, Kung Fu Grippe, 5ives, the 43Folders podcast, one-third of the crazy-successful comedy podcast You Look Nice Today, and lord knows what else. He’s also currently working on his first book, Inbox Zero. Colin Marshall originally conducted this conversation on the public radio program and podcast The Marketplace of Ideas.


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